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Chen Guangbiao accused of cut stomach weight off his jacket self innocence – public channel (video) liuxiaobo

Chen Guangbiao was accused of "cutting the stomach to lose weight" shirtless witness innocence – public channel audience excitedly rose from his seat and the back of people surged forward, taking thousands of mobile phone to Taiwan on the crazy, flash into a…… Yesterday afternoon, Chen Guangbiao appeared in the vortex of public opinion appeared in Jinhua, for their own diet diet products endorsement, and once again became a big show conference. The original is the singing of the conference, Chen Guangbiao suddenly took off his short sleeved, topless, as to the outside world "cut the stomach to lose weight" in response to the question. He said that on the "cut stomach" this matter, in the future he would never want to respond. Is refers to "cut the stomach to lose weight" Chen Guangbiao to strip witness innocence last week, a "cut the stomach to lose weight behind Chen Guangbiao: paralysis of business debt reports", the long silence of Chen Guangbiao once again pushed in the teeth of the storm. Reported that Chen Guangbiao suspected of tax fraud, "3 months storm lost 52 pounds" is not because of the use of their own company’s weight loss products, but a "single incision and sleeve gastrectomy on the professional bariatric surgery. In this regard, Chen Guangbiao publicly denied, and said to strip self innocence. However, at the Nanjing Conference on Friday, Chen Guangbiao did not strip, but produced a report issued by the Nanjing University School of Medicine Affiliated Drum Tower hospital. The report said, Chen Guangbiao abdomen flat soft, no surgical scars". He also said on the evening news reporter, "I lose weight because of the guidance of experts, supplemented by diet." (see the newspaper reported on September 24th A3 version) most people did not expect, Chen Guangbiao this off, will come so fast. Halfway through the song suddenly strip of chest and abdomen had no obvious scar from the Qianjiang Evening News reporter obtained information on travel, Chen Guangbiao yesterday morning from Nanjing to Jinhua. The main purpose of his trip is to attend the company’s slimming products, thousands of small business conference. Conference held in Jinhua city cultural center. Venue at the door of the red carpet on the floor, printed with the image of Chen Guangbiao’s advertising flag flying high, beauty etiquette, signature walls, as well as the name of the support of the banner of the red banner. Conference security is very strict, dozens of security personnel guarding every channel entry hall, tickets were never released. In desperation, the reporter had to contact the scene of a micro business team, spent 200 yuan to buy a ticket approach. The team told reporters, outsiders want to approach, you have to buy their team slimming products, 750 yuan a large box, for a ticket. More than 2 in the afternoon, the official launch of the conference, first of all to meet with you for a period of up to more than and 20 minutes of video. Video, summed up Chen Guangbiao’s investment in philanthropy, which focuses on his performance in the Wenchuan earthquake, etc.. At 2:35 PM, with the "devotion of love" music sounded, dressed in a black T-shirt, black trousers and shoes of Chen Guangbiao, from the right side of the hall after the curtain on the stage. Chen Guangbiao waved to the audience, applause, cheers continued. Sing to the half, the newspaper相关的主题文章: