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Changji speed a large trailer on fire eight hours to put out the fire officers and soldiers-www.imust.cn

Changji speed a large trailer on fire fire brigade eight hours to put out the fire brigade to put out the fire. Wang Haitao 9:54 on October 27th, the municipal public security fire brigade nine squadron received the alarm call, Changji highway Jilin to Changchun direction of 454 kilometers to a large trailer on fire. Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene to see, the trailer body and front all fire, forming a violent combustion situation, accompanied by large area of flowing fire. The scene commander asked the trailer driver and the public security, traffic police and other relevant departments learned that the large trailer loaded with compressed paper shell, unknown cause of the car paper shell fire, and quickly spread to the body and the front, no car trapped. After more than 2 hours of fighting, the scene of the fire was extinguished. But because the paper shell accumulated inside the trailer belonging to the state of compression, external fire has been extinguished, inside there are still smoldering state, and a large trailer on the north side of farmers crops and houses, straw wood and other objects together, once Mars splash will lead to a large area of fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Subsequently, the scene commander and in consultation with the high-speed traffic police, highways and other departments to deploy, forklift and crane, use a large crane to move large trailer to safety, forklift timely will be knocked out the burning car, beating out the gun fire. From the alarm to the end of disposal, fire officers and soldiers lasted 8 hours, 4 times water, and successfully extinguished the fire, the greatest extent to reduce the loss of fire. Reporter Haitao

长吉高速一大挂车起火 消防官兵八小时扑灭 消防官兵扑灭大火。摄影 王海涛   10月27日9时54分,市公安消防支队九台中队接到报警称,长吉高速公路吉林往长春方向454公里处一辆大挂车起火。   消防官兵到达现场看到,大挂车车身及车头全部起火,形成猛烈燃烧态势,并伴有大面积的流淌火。现场指挥员经询问挂车司机及公安、交警等相关部门得知,大挂车满载压缩纸壳,不明原因车上纸壳起火,并迅速蔓延至车身及车头,车内无人员被困。   经过2个多小时的扑救,现场明火被扑灭。但由于挂车内堆积的纸壳属于压缩状态,外部明火虽已被扑灭,内部还存在阴燃状态,并且大挂车北侧为农户庄稼地和民房,稻草枯木等物聚集,一旦火星飞溅将引发大面积火灾,后果不堪设想。   随后,现场指挥员又与高速交警、路政等部门协商,调派来铲车和大型吊车,利用大型吊车将大挂车移动到安全地带,铲车及时将车上燃烧物打落,水枪直击打灭燃烧物。   从接警出动到处置结束,消防官兵共历时8个小时,往返加水4次,成功扑灭大火,最大程度减轻了火灾的损失。记者 海涛相关的主题文章: