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Today’s headlines shelling CEO iResearch data is inconsistent with the termination of all: cooperation JINGWAH Times News (reporter Meng Fanze) yesterday afternoon, today’s headlines founder and CEO Zhang Yiming in the circle of friends in the shelling of iResearch data provided in the report untrue, and announced a partnership with Ai Rui company from any department. In this regard, Yang Weiqing, President of iResearch also declared in the circle of friends, Rui Rui has been committed to promoting the real data of today’s headlines, willing to accept the test. At present, today’s headlines have sent an email statement to Ai Rui company, ending all cooperation. > > in the event of the big brothers circle of friends, the battle yesterday’s circle of friends is a bit lively. Today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming according to iResearch released a message: "this circle of friends for a long time I want but have not been issued. Because colleagues say I want to mature, say the industry is like this, can not change, a lot of excellent companies are angry, and finally endure. Market department colleagues say we do some business cooperation with them, they issued data may be close to the real, if not also don’t open cooperation relations." And because they really do not want to get angry, go home for the new year, but also believe that bad business will be eliminated by social progress, the world will become increasingly transparent. So, he will not make any compromise, and prohibit any department and Ai Ruiyou any cooperation, finally he wrote: "I did not give him a penny for Ai Rui rong". Today’s headlines partner Zhang Lidong also said: "in the circle of friends Eric is all third party data inside the garbage, I can tolerate the existence of such a low-level, ashamed of the Internet industry portal era." Then, iResearch President Yang Weiqing declared in the circle of friends said: "within two years, Eric has been committed to promoting the real data of today’s headlines reflect today’s headlines, but all suggestions for Eric are ignored." He wrote, "this happens, and it’s a pity to see what it’s like to be an enterprise manager. At the same time, Rui continues to always welcome the possibility of data checking. > > cause of user data has been questioned the reporter learned that the cause is due to Eric value for today’s headlines of daily active users, in the view of today’s headlines, "far from the truth". Today’s headlines that all third party agencies report data including TalkingData, TrustData, QuestMobile, and today’s headlines on the number of active users is more than thirty million. And only iResearch’s data always describes it as "millions."". Today’s headlines vice president Lin Chufang said in an interview: "today’s headlines and Eric had communicated, insisted on the fact that the release of today’s headlines based on the related data, see the most recent report, very shocked. Because not just today’s headlines, including the industry generally recognized, the highest active Tencent news, are lined up some unknown applications behind, it is absurd." > > email terminated progress has been reported, today’s headlines in official yesterday to iResearch data issued a statement of cooperation to terminate all mail. Mail says, "Ai Ruilun."

今日头条CEO炮轰艾瑞数据失实:终止一切合作   京华时报讯(记者孟凡泽)昨天中午,今日头条创始人兼CEO张一鸣在朋友圈中炮轰艾瑞数据提供的报告内容失实,并宣布禁止公司任何部门与艾瑞合作。对此,艾瑞公司总裁杨伟庆也在朋友圈中声明,艾瑞一直致力于推动今日头条数据的真实体现,愿意接受检验。目前,今日头条已向艾瑞公司发邮件声明,终止一切合作。   >>事件   大佬朋友圈中交战   昨天的朋友圈有点热闹。今日头条CEO张一鸣针对艾瑞数据发布了一条消息:“这条朋友圈我很久就想发但一直没发。因为同事说要我成熟,说行业就是这样的,改变不了,很多优秀公司很气愤最后也忍了。市场部同事说我们和他们做一些商业合作,他们出具的数据可能会接近真实,就算不合作也不要公开交恶。”并称因为自己真的不想生气回家过年,更因为相信坏生意会被社会进步所淘汰,世界也会越来越透明。所以,他不会作任何妥协,并禁止公司任何部门和艾瑞有任何合作,最后他写道:“我以未曾给过艾瑞一分钱为荣”。   今日头条合伙人张利东也在朋友圈中表示:“艾瑞是所有第三方数据公司里面最垃圾的,我为门户时代互联网行业能容忍这样一家低级公司的存在感到耻辱。”   随即,艾瑞总裁杨伟庆在朋友圈中声明称:“两年内,艾瑞一直致力于推动今日头条的真实数据体现,但今日头条对艾瑞的所有建议均不予理睬。”他写道,发生这种事情,非常遗憾地看到作为一个企业管理者的如此言行。同时,艾瑞仍继续保持随时欢迎进行数据核对的可能。   >>起因   用户数据遭质疑   记者了解到,事情的起因是由于艾瑞方面对于今日头条日活跃用户的数值,在今日头条看来,“与事实相差甚远”。今日头条称,包括TalkingData、TrustData、QuestMobile在内的所有第三方数据机构报告中,今日头条的日活跃用户数都超过三千万。而只有艾瑞的数据始终将该指标描述为“数百万”。   今日头条副总裁林楚方在接受采访时说:“今日头条曾和艾瑞方面沟通过,坚持要求对方发布基于事实的今日头条相关数据,看到最近的报告,非常震惊。因为不只是今日头条,包括业内普遍认可、日活跃最高的腾讯新闻,都被排到了一些不知名的应用后面,这是极其荒谬的。”   >>进展   已发邮件终止合作   据悉,今日头条官方已于昨天向艾瑞数据发出终止一切合作的声明邮件。邮件中称,“艾瑞咨询:鉴于贵方近期发布的数据报告,多次在行业内遭受普遍质疑,我方不认为贵方具备提供客观、准确、中立报告的技术能力,也不认为贵方具有提供客观、准确、中立的报告的主观愿望。鉴于此,我方将从即日起终止与贵方的合作。凡是由你方提供的涉及我公司产品的一切行业数据,我方也不予认可。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: