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Car instrument in addition to the Assassin alarm lights, what else – Sohu car-kd.wuhan.net.cn

Car instrument in addition to the "Assassin" alarm lights, what else? Sohu car this is what happened. Just yesterday a WeChat talk suddenly fire assassin on the car? What ghost! There are two assassins in your family! One of the major social platforms of satin hand have opened the ridicule mode even the police Milo could not join the ranks of ridicule?? even known as "the most complete auto fault light guide" yet things are not finished. There are some faults more pull car lights out like these ones?… there is such a hell… What I was the flowers of the motherland! Can not understand do not understand! I don’t know what to say, but I think it’s OK to open a joke, but also to improve the attitude and not mislead others! Tomato brother as a senior old driver decided to use the rich theoretical knowledge combined with the skill to tell you a true! In history! Most complete! "Car fault light diagram" here!相关的主题文章: