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Can not miss the high standard courtesy Hotel – Hangzhou sea tourism Diaoyutai Hotel – Sohu roxane hayward

Can not miss the high standard courtesy Hotel – Hangzhou sea Diaoyutai Hotel – Sohu tourism of Shanghai, more than an hour to Hangzhou, the driver asked us to stay for the weekend? I said, well, I smiled and said, how do you know? He looked back at our family with a smile and said, "it’s too much.". He said, with a long steering wheel, that Hangzhou was a holiday from the periphery, and I sent my guests to the hotel in the morning. But it’s raining today. You can’t go to West Lake with your kids. I said yes, it’s a pity, but it doesn’t matter. In October, Hangzhou in the rain some cool, rainy weather makes some grey, more than 6 months of Miss Fu sit on the leg of the cute looking out of the window I look at the scenery far away, her eyes were curious. I like family travel, although quarrels and disagreements sometimes occur, but when we have no intention of talking about these experiences, the good memories in the unexpected jump in each person’s heart. Family travel there is always a lot of inconvenience, not the most appropriate way to run on attractions, although the rain almost let us to change our plans did not come to Hangzhou, but it has always been accustomed to one family I was dragged out of the door, can’t go out to visit the hotel and enjoy the moment. Arrived in Hangzhou sea Diaoyutai Hotel, the appearance design is quite low-key seclusion, which is by the British ATKINS firm to build, building the central hollow increases the fun side. Hangzhou oceanwide Diaoyutai hotel door design into a car hall, while YISHION brass and copper to create a show, with the Chinese side chair and welcoming the beautiful expression of Yingbin pine bonsai. The first door into the lobby I stayed for a few seconds, used to open or transparent lobby and I did not see the lobby entrance, when wonder around, I walked a few steps, in the wood door slowly opened, ah, a little embarrassed… Relatively simple low-key. The exterior of the building, the lobby enough to be used to describe the amazing, the designer will Beijing "courtyard" and "Huizhou architecture four water to the hall elements together to construct the Royal Style lobby, gate structure on both sides of the porch are the front and a lounge, a big painting hanging in the front center, Chinese furniture, porcelain, bonsai. Album, scroll, to create a visual feast of the oriental culture, every corner is the designer’s ingenuity injection, take me to start a journey across time and space. When it comes to the Diaoyutai, the first time can relate to the foreign affairs is the highest Chinese reception venue, as well as the historical mystery. Hangzhou Oceanwide hotel is Diaoyutai State Guest House Beijing Diaoyutai MGM hotel group and the United States jointly build, which belongs to the Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group brand, the brand currently has 3 hotels in China, Hangzhou sea is the first house of Diaoyutai hotel brand new interpretation of "Diaoyutai" brand hotel, the other two are Sanya MGM resorts and Chengdu The Inn Boutique diaoyutai. The hotel with Chinese style, western style to match, so, the blend of Chinese and western is the biggest highlight of the hotel. The room door, the cage decoration to create new school who I feel.相关的主题文章: