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Cameroon train derailment accident has caused 73 deaths and 600 injuries still many people tr noreply

Cameroon train derailment accident has caused 73 dead 600 injured   many people are still trapped in Sichuan, people.com.cn Channel original title: Cameroon train derailment accident has caused 73 dead 600 injured, many people are still trapped in     integrated foreign media reports, local time 21 days, a column from the capital Cameroon in Africa Yaounde to the port city of Douala train derailment accident has killed at least 73 people, more than 600 people were injured. It is reported that there are still many people trapped, and the number of deaths is expected to rise further. The authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. Passengers said that because of the closed roads of the two roads, the railway staff increased the number of carriages in the train to divert a large number of passengers. Reported that the incident in Yaounde about 120 kilometers west of eseka train station. A passenger sitting near the front of the car said, "when you heard the loud noise, you turned back and saw the car in the back of the car derailed and rolled and smoke poured out."". Cameroon President Paul Biya 22 expresses in the social media, to the accident victim expresses the deep grief mourning. He asked the government to take all measures to help victims of the accident, and ordered the relevant departments to investigate the cause of the accident. The president of Cameroon also announced the same day the 24 national day of mourning, when the Cameroon national and overseas institutions will be lowered to half mast. (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia) 喀麦隆火车脱轨事故已致73死600伤 仍有多人被困–四川频道–人民网 原标题:喀麦隆火车脱轨事故已致73死600伤 仍有多人被困     综合外媒报道,当地时间21日,非洲喀麦隆一列由首都雅温得驶往港口城市杜阿拉的火车发生出轨事故,已经导致至少73人死亡,逾600人受伤。   据报道,目前仍有多人被困,预计死亡人数会进一步上升,当局正调查事故原因。   有乘客表示由于连接两地的公路因山泥倾泻封闭,铁路职员在肇事列车增加车厢,以疏导大量乘客。   报道称,事发于雅温得以西约120公里的埃塞卡火车站。当时坐在近车头位置的一名乘客说,“听到巨响后回头,看见后面的车厢脱轨翻滚,并冒出浓烟”。   喀麦隆总统保罗?比亚22日在社交媒体上表示,向事故遇难者表示沉痛哀悼。他要求政府采取一切措施向事故受害者提供帮助,并责令相关部门对事故原因展开调查。   喀麦隆总统当天还宣布24日为全国哀悼日,届时喀麦隆全国及驻外各机构将降半旗致哀。 (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: