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Caesarean birth to the baby after the 6 sequelae! Sohu –easeljs

Caesarean birth to the baby after the 6 sequelae! Sohu often see mothers in the mother asked, caesarean section or birth (natural childbirth), in fact, as long as you see the following the caesarean section six sequelae brought the baby, which is the best mode of delivery, crystal clear. 1 caesarean section male baby immunity is lower, according to reports, the same caesarean section, the baby is more likely to decline than the baby’s immunity. The obstetrician took out the blood of 63 babies and the 69 boys, and compared them. Research shows that the difference between male and female infants immunity of natural childbirth is small; compared with natural childbirth, cesarean section newborn immunity and anti infection ability is relatively poor, this phenomenon in the baby is more prominent. Experts explained that the control synthesis of immunoglobulin genes (mainly used to increase the immunity of the human body), located in the human chromosome X, and the chromosome of women than men want one more, therefore, the baby’s immunity than males. 2 caesarean section to "wet lung disease" baby increased over the past five years suffering from "wet lung disease" and treatment in the intensive care unit of the newborn baby doubled, results showed that more than 7 of patients was born by caesarean, mother without pains and caesarean delivery, or premature baby are at higher risk serious wet lung disease can lead to death. The doctor calls for pregnant women should be preferred vaginal natural childbirth, avoid personal preference or convenience and caesarean section, otherwise it will affect the health of the baby. Each year due to wet lung disease in ICU cases have an upward trend, the situation is more and more pregnant women choose caesarean birth. Only 14% of the infants in the study is non medical needs and caesarean birth, experts called for parents should be preferred by vaginal natural childbirth, avoid preferences, choose days or even beds and external factors by appointment. Baby needs some time to prepare for the baby’s lungs have enough conditions to absorb a part of lung tube water; in addition, maternal uterine contractions and vaginal birth can help the baby to squeeze out of the lungs lungs. 3 caesarean section babies are more likely to suffer from asthma in children suffering from asthma caesarean section more easily than the birth of children, children suffering from asthma Caesarean rate than normal birth children 80%. Although the exact cause is not clear, the reason may be that caesarean section children have not experienced some of the necessary steps of the immune system and lung development, but also related to the lack of hormone secretion. 4 the use of anesthetic drugs may endanger the life of the fetus almost all anesthetics and analgesics have inhibitory effects on the central system, are more likely to enter the fetus through the placenta barrier. An important function of the placenta is to act as a fetal lung, the exchange of gases. But the actual gas exchange efficiency is only 1150 of the lung. Maternal blood transport of oxygen to enter the fetal blood circulation through the placenta into the fetal villi, fetal blood carbon dioxide into the maternal blood circulation by way of dispersion. Anesthetic drugs will affect the fetus in two ways, that is, direct inhibition of fetal breathing, circulation center, or by inhibiting maternal respiratory cycle and indirectly affect the fetus. Excess of hemp相关的主题文章: