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C2B custom or subvert the traditional clothing model of China’s customized market to move forward-midd-885

C2B custom or subvert the traditional clothing pattern Chinese custom market to consumers with online shopping for clothing trillion into the personalized demand upgrade, more and more traditional Amoy brand has been unable to meet consumer demand, at this time, custom clothing quietly by holding like has brought a huge market space. Following the launch of the NetEase, NetEase selected Ali do OEM production (fixed-point production) after personalized operation, London time on September 19th, the Jingdong EVE de CINA to six brands at London Fashion Week, held in Beijing called "· system"; clothing release show, and officially released the "Beijing ·"; business strategy. "Jing · system" is specifically divided into two dimensions of clothing customization and personalized customization, respectively, touch up different consumers, to meet the dual needs of personalized design and experiential consumption. After years of rapid growth into the mature period of development, and now the electricity supplier industry growth is slowing down, increasing competition, and gradually towards a more focused, vertical, subdivision direction. After the basic needs of Chinese customization has reached 100 billion when the basic necessities of life are met, the consumption psychology of people more and more rich and diversified, reflected back to the consumer behavior has been formed in the era of the typical trend of personalized consumption upgrade. Jingdong launched the "Beijing ·" system; clothing custom channels, combined with the domestic custom industry well-known brands, clothing, footwear, jewelry launch, accessories customized services for exclusive custom for consumers from the aspects of style, fabric material, size and production details. At present, the Jingdong clothing custom business the first phase has been officially launched, covering men’s and women’s wear, jewelry, glasses and other categories, the second phase will further expand the footwear, luggage and other categories of customization, customization service category expansion. According to Analysys released "Analysys B2C Chinese quarter market monitoring report 2016 second quarter" data show that in the second quarter of 2016, the scale of B2C Chinese garment trading market reached 208 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 44.7%. With the continuous upgrading of China’s consumer market, consumer demand for apparel products increasingly personalized preferences and diversified demand continues to highlight. And now the domestic clothing market is not large, the data show that in 2015 the scale of 5 billion yuan. And in recent years the entity clothing store suffered electric shock, the traditional luxury brand repeatedly exposed closed shop case, custom clothing market is showing a rising trend of the situation. HMR group president Li Li told the media that, along with the people to the life taste and personalized requirements increase, China luxury consumers more keen on customized demand, the next few years Chinese custom market size will expand year by year. Chinese custom has reached the scale of billions of dollars, even in the future to the trillion scale market forward. The next step will meet the needs of people from the customized niche to meet the changing demand trend of the general population. Electricity providers have customized layout can be tailored to create a personal style clothing show, for now, the temptation of the infinite consumer, clothing electricity supplier is a new industry outlet. The breakdown of clothing business history, has been Taobao online clothing market in Y相关的主题文章: