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By referring to Hengdian trick prostitute Wallace Huo Sue awarded 100 thousand yuan in Beijing-yyets.com

By referring to "Hengdian trick prostitute" Wallace Huo Sue awarded 100 thousand yuan – Beijing for website "deep entertainment" section issued H surname Taiwan male star of Hengdian "prostitution" article, Internet users in Sina micro-blog jiaomou account in this excerpt after forwarding spread, and that the star is Wallace Huo. Wallace Huo sued Beijing micro dream Branch Network Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou NetEase Computer Systems Co., ltd.. In September 14th, the Haidian court heard the case, the court finds that the company and the NetEase jiaomou constitute a joint tort, ordered the NetEase and jiaomou apology to Wallace Huo, NetEase to Wallace Huo compensation for mental damage compensation of 80 thousand yuan and reasonable litigation expenses 29120 yuan, jiaomou to Wallace Huo compensation for mental damages 20 thousand yuan and reasonable litigation expenses 7280 yuan. Wallace Huo is the Taiwan region of China’s well-known actor, who appeared in the "Legend of Sword and Fairy three", "Jin Yong" and "Golden fate God bestows. martial arts drama The Legendary Swordsman" and many other hit costume drama, who had taken the film base in Hengdian. Jiaomou is Sina micro-blog network users, nicknamed "public function", the real name authentication content is: the entertainment critic, worked in the studio huayi. In January 28, 2015, the company operating the NetEase NetEase website "deep entertainment" column published in the "Hengdian: past romantic 100 actor had the conviction" involving prostitution. In this paper, the actor is confidential to female swarm of tens of thousands of hush money "section is described as follows:" a Taiwan H surname actor who took over all the costume drama, filmed in Hengdian. In a film adaptation of the TV series Jin Yong masterpiece, the actor with a 90 female group played in nightclubs met, there have been many exchanges, the girl had uploaded two people kiss according to his own circle of friends by WeChat, to remind people to delete, in order to "seal", H surname actor gave girl a few million to open shop." After a coke issued as follows: micro-blog H= Wallace Huo…… So as to unlock the NetEase into the entertainment puzzle, really let bloggers should not be surprised!" At the same time in the blog upload some excerpts below picture picture. (reporter Li Tiezhu)相关的主题文章: