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Buy out: 225 enterprises are the bag company? Don’t forget to buy when the world’s largest aircraft Varyag data figure: an original title: -225 225 is in the purchase bag company? Don’t forget to buy what the world’s largest transport Ukraine Varyag on an -225 is not selling China this online recently flushed, it has a new message. According to Radio France international news in September 7th, Ukraine announced in September 7th the company Antonov aircraft manufacturer, will Chinese built the world’s largest transport aircraft, scheduled for 2021 delivery. The company signed a cooperation agreement with China Airspace industry group (AICC) in August 30th. Many so-called experts believe that China does not need an -225, which is mainly due to the lack of understanding of the significance of -225’s strategy for China’s great power. Personally think that there is no need to say that there is no room for debate, there is no doubt that it is necessary. There are a lot of people say that the Chinese airspace group is not a military enterprise, is a repair airport and engage in air transport company, is a leather company. The so-called China Airspace group is a bag company is probably exaggerated point, but it is not Chinese military enterprises. Yes, yes, when buying the Varyag is the real leather company, even office locations are not known to the Varyag bought a casino. The results we all know: · · · · · · of course, now it Chinese airspace group explained, they have to "run transport", to use the large aircraft flying in Eurasia for construction of air cargo logistics in Hong kong. Do you say it’s a good thing? At least you can’t say that people don’t know anything, because it’s logical. Of course, in the end there is a real aircraft may also have other civilian use. Of course, many people have questioned the company Antonov in the end there is no ability to manufacture such aircraft, now this really is not completely determined by the unknown, after all, an -225 only made one, but so many years have not made, and so many years of relevant technology already upgraded, this can not be unknown. Of course, the company also made half of the Antonov second home -225 Antonov mean, if not Chinese cooperation, the plane is really a waste, now is the opportunity to save, so the first second aircraft first installed combined to produce third aircraft. Of course, this part of the upgrade, in fact, can be further cooperation with China, because China has just successfully shipped 20, at least in terms of the relevant system upgrades should have some ideas. In fact, on the use of an -225 does not need to be questioned by the Chinese people, the United States on behalf of the Chinese people questioned. "National interest" is a question that security is not only a -225 transport aircraft, although Chinese need heavy jet transport, but also need a lot of support, but the most important thing is that Chinese buy the largest airplane in the world, behind its intentions. Yes, what is the purpose? According to the China Airspace group, they are going to run, run, run!相关的主题文章: