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But the fire Wangfei estate the blessing of the country — Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: real estate deficiency Wangfei the blessing of the country from the beginning of this year in three years, every year to close 500 Real Estate Company, 3 years off 1500." Chongqing mayor Huang Qifan recently in the "2016 market supervision and Management Forum revealed the news, and said: Chongqing has a total of 3100 Real Estate Company, 31 million of the population, the average per million people in a company. Don’t say don’t know, said a fright. The data again in a straightforward way, to show us the current real estate industry xuhuo wang. In fact, not only in Chongqing, the current national data show that there are about more than 130 thousand Real Estate Company, according to 1 billion 300 million of the population is converted, for every million people, every 3000 households have a Real Estate Company. "Average" to the country of about 50 thousand square kilometers of city construction land, every square kilometer has 2.5 Real Estate Company. The wolf much less meat, so the scarce land resources, where to have so many real estate enterprises to develop, and how to keep live this huge number of operators? The answer is probably not a "speculation" word. Since the total amount of land is limited, it will increase the number of hands to expand trading volume. Every transfer time, it means that land prices rise again. These years, prices rose to hand through the layers of the thing, we are no less heard. Which layers increases the results will eventually be reflected in the price. High land prices and high prices stimulate each other, real estate "fire" and naturally come up. The recent round of market madness, is largely the product of land price. Estate defiant, non national blessing. The real estate industry will face hot, "crowding out effect", the so-called capital off the virtual reality "is the truth. A large number of investment flows to the real estate, banks, the government tends to give good policy and housing prices, high prices, workers salary requirements are improved, these are different degrees of deterioration in industrial environment. The house is also the means of production, life elements, prices too high to be reached all of society, will be affected. In the "housing slave", the rising cost of living, to make money with the increase of pressure, the full brain is to "eyes", where dare to talk about "poetry and distant; for innovators, innovation cost increases," quick money "has become a helpless choice," feelings "" dream "can only hope not that is. More seriously, but also set up a real estate guide. Now, many do industrial business, very careful in reckoning for several years, but those who miss the real lie; many ordinary workers, and hard life, do not buy a suite of nearby units. How, if a road is a real estate investment wait for money, the other one is to enter the industrial labor, what will you do? When the possibility of speculation there is strong, many correct values will be shaken, many moving ships may also change the direction to "admission" of happiness will be greatly reduced, powerlessness will grow with each passing day. Finally, to support the industrial countries to rely on innovation driven, rather than a house price to sell the building; life is to rely on the struggle to enrich your life, instead of lying in a "real")

地产虚火过旺非国家之福–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:地产虚火过旺非国家之福   “从今年开始三年内,每年关闭500家房地产公司,3年关掉1500个。”重庆市市长黄奇帆日前在“2016市场监督管理论坛”上透露了这一消息,并表示:重庆共有3100家房地产公司,3100万人口,平均每万人一个公司。   不说不知道,一说吓一跳。数据再次以直白的方式,向我们展现了当前房地产业的虚火之旺。其实不唯重庆,数据显示,目前全国大约有13万多个房地产公司,按13亿人口折算,也是平均每万人、每3000户居民就有一家房地产公司。“平均”到全国约5万平方公里的城市建设用地上,每平方公里就会有2个半房地产公司。狼多而肉少,如此稀缺的土地资源,哪里用得上如此多的房地产企业来开发,又如何养得活这数量庞大的经营者?   答案恐怕少不了一个“炒”字。既然土地总量有限,那便增加转手次数来扩充交易量。每转手一次,就意味着土地价格的再次上涨。这些年,经层层倒手而至价格大涨的事儿,我们都没少听说。而这层层加价的结果,最终会反映到房价上。高地价与高房价彼此刺激,地产的“虚火”自然也就上来了。近期的这轮楼市疯狂,很大程度上也是地价催生的结果。   地产虚火旺盛,非国家之福。地产火热,实业就会面临“挤出效应”,所谓资本“脱实向虚”就是这个道理。投资大量流向房地产,银行、政府更倾向于给房企好政策,而房价高企,劳动者对薪水的要求也在提升,这些都不同程度恶化着实业的生存环境。房子,既是生产资料,也是生活要素,房价高不可攀,社会的所有方面都会被波及。于“房奴”而言,生活成本上升,赚钱压力增加,满心满脑所想尽是“眼前”,哪里还敢谈“诗与远方”;对于创新者而言,创新成本增大,“赚快钱”成了无奈选择,“情怀”“梦想”只能可望而不可即。   更为严重的是,地产虚火还树立了一种错误导向。现下,很多做实业的,精打细算经营好几年,却赶不上那些躺着炒房的;不少普通劳动者,省吃俭用辛苦一辈子,买不上单位附近一套房。试问,如果一条路是投资地产坐等赚钱,另一条是进军实业劳心劳力,你将会做何选?当投机的可能性坚固地存在着,许多正确的价值观就会被动摇,许多行进中的船舶也可能改变方向,而无法“入场”者的幸福感将大打折扣,无力感也会与日俱增。国家最终要靠实业来支撑、创新来驱动,而非一栋栋卖至天价的高楼;人生是要靠奋斗来充实生命,而不是躺在“房”里当投机者。房市上那股病态的浮躁之风,不应该再让它蔓延了。   千百年前,杜甫发出了“安得广厦千万间,大庇天下寒士俱欢颜”的呼喊。人行天地间,住有所居、住能安居,是再朴素不过的心愿。这愿望实现得好不好,直接关乎全面小康的成色。 (责编:苏恒、张磊)相关的主题文章: