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British sent destroyers to the Persian Gulf to help combat extremist organizations Islamic State – C-ghost observer

Britain sent a destroyer to the Persian Gulf to assist in the fight against extremist organization Islamic State – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing in August 29, London: Broadcasting British Corporation, 29 reported that the British Royal Navy sent a destroyer to the Persian Gulf, the protection of the U.S. aircraft carrier implementation of the extremist organization Islamic state target air strikes. This is the latest deployment of the United Kingdom in recent years to assist in the fight against Islamic state joint action. According to reports, the ship called "Daring" (HMS) of the destroyer is a destroyer of type 45, was on Friday from the southern port of Portsmouth. About 190 officers and men will take the destroyer to the Persian gulf. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" news, the British military action is the task of "brave" destroyers equipped with the most advanced radar system and missile system, to ensure that the U.S. aircraft carrier on Iraq and Syria Islamic state target air strikes smoothly. During the 9 months of operation, the "brave" destroyer to Qatar coalition "joint air command center" to provide important information, and patrols in the Persian Gulf in the world’s busiest waterway. British Independent newspaper said the British Royal Navy had sent another 45 destroyer Defender (HMS) in the Persian Gulf waters to perform similar tasks. "The guardian" has been the end of the 9 months of military operations, and return to the port of Portsmouth in early July. British Defense Secretary Michael (Michael Fallon)? Fallon said, play an important role in the British armed forces in the fight against the Islamic state in international action. In addition to the Royal Navy, the British Royal Air Force every day to participate in the fight against the ground, the Islamic state of the air strikes, the country’s army deployed ground troops to provide anti explosive training services to the Iraqi army. (end)相关的主题文章: