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Bond credit risk warning to upgrade the bond fund ahead of lower leverage – fund channel-winavi video converter

Bond market credit risk warning bond funds to advance the debt reduction – fund channel as of the evening of 24 press time, there are more than 30 fund companies to disclose semi annual report of the fund’s more than and 700. Part of the Blue Chip Fund said that in the face of economic growth downward, the debt based on the credit risk early warning upgrade. The second half of the real estate sales is an important factor affecting the bond market. More than one fund said it would always pay attention to credit risk, some funds have reduced leverage. Continuation of the momentum of the bond market trend Taurus financial network data show that from the beginning of this year to August 23rd, 817 bond funds (excluding the sub grade fund shares, the rest of the share calculated separately) the average yield of up to 1.74%. Affected by the bond market improved since the three quarter, this performance is significantly improved compared to the half of the year of 0.21%. August 23rd central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repo, triggering a larger bond market adjustment. Part of the raised funds in the semi annual report on the second half of the bond market shock is expected. From August 23rd to the beginning of this year, Xinhua credit gain C share of the debt based revenue rate of 7.28%, the same ranking third in semi annual report is expected in the next period of time, the bond yield volatility trend. From a fundamental point of view, the "L" pattern under the macro economy is not expected to change, the expansion of the first half of the overall credit quickly, the current real estate sales data, although the fall but the investment could still maintain a certain growth rate, so it is expected to stabilize short-term economy. The policy level will take fiscal and monetary stability wide combination: on the one hand to continue investment in infrastructure underpinning the economy; on the other hand, further easing of monetary policy will face constraints of exchange rate, inflation, the operation may still in the open market and MLF conventional tools. More than just the debt based blue chip believes that the real estate market is an important factor in the second half of the bond market, real estate may drag on the economy to support the bond market. Merchants double bonds said that the overall capital will maintain a moderately loose pattern, from the fundamentals, policy perspective, the bond market is expected to shock down, the market will depend on the length and depth of the real estate market impact on the economy and finance monetary policy. Yifangda gains the debt that the second half of the market will focus on the real estate investment can be sustained and when the inflection point. The current real estate sales data has begun to fall, if this is the trend of turning point, will lead to the decline in investment and real estate inventory accumulation in the next period of time, it will bring greater downward pressure on economic operation. Yinhua credit Sijihong debt is relatively optimistic. The Fund believes that the second half of the real estate sales decline will stimulate the real estate investment gradually downward, active fiscal policy will play a role in underpinning, expected future economic trends steadily. Monetary policy may remain stable, the future of the bond market is still facing some investment opportunities. Warning the credit risk from the semi annual report, most of all in the first half of the Blue Chip Fund under the credit risk warning, some have reduced leverage. China Merchants double bonds to enhance the debt base, said in the economic downturn and supply side reform process, should pay attention to prevent excess production capacity credit varieties due to liquidity risk and credit risk may lead to maturity. Yifangda gains said the second half of the debt based classification, need to always pay attention to credit risk. Xinhua credit gain bonds.相关的主题文章: