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Exercise Let’s get our terms straight when we speak of bodybuilding for girls. Many woman take immediate offense if they are called a girl. Unless, of course, they are talking to one of their "girl friends". We mean no put down here and in our context, we really are talking about girls. Young women in their teens. Although much of what we say also applies to woman of any age who are realizing that they can be.e fit, strong and toned just the same as males. Bodybuilding can be just as great of a benefit to girls as to boys, but their approach has to be different. Determine Your Goals… Girls need to decide what it is that they want to ac.plish through bodybuilding and then set attainable weight training goals. Often, girls approach bodybuilding just to control their weight, while others want to firm up and get sculpted. A desire to excel in athletic activities also drives some of the girls to the gym. Whatever your goals are, they need to be specific and write them down. This will help you keep your target in mind during the workouts. If you lose sight of your goals, chances are good that you will also lose all motivation and your desire to keep going. Hormonal Differences Are Important… A major difference for girls bodybuilding is that they don’t produce as much testosterone as teenage boys, but that is okay. You really don’t want to produce the big muscles that guys do. Your primary objective is probably to tone your muscles and sculpt a beautiful body. That doesn’t take great amounts of testosterone – it takes a plan and a lot of dedication. Girls May Need Supplements… Girls need to look at nutrition differently than the guys do. When you start a body building workout you will need to supplement with iron due to blood loss during menstruation. An iron supplement should be taken with grapefruit juice or a similar drink so the acid can help your body absorb the iron. You should also probably consider a protein supplement since it is the basic muscle building material in the body. You may just be trying to lose weight and tone up and not be working out to build muscle, but you don’t want to lose any muscle tissue either. On the subject of supplements, boys should shy away from testosterone replacement supplements because of the harmful side effects and this goes double for girls. They can not only make you look and sound more like a man but they can seriously effect your development and your ability to have children. Your Body Needs To Recover… Plenty of rest is needed by both girls and boys who are actively body building. Adequate rest is important for any young person, but when you are working your body, it be.es critical. Muscles grow and develop when the body is in a state of rest. When you sleep, your muscles grow and repair themselves from the normal tearing down that occurs during vigorous workouts. Seek Appropriate Advice… Young girls need to get the advice of a knowledgable adult before beginning a bodybuilding program. Look for a natural bodybuilding program developed for girls – not one designed for maximum muscle growth. With a little work, it is possible for you to use body building as an overall fitness program to achieve a beautiful, healthy, toned body to be proud of. Then enjoy what youve done and the envious looks of all the other girls! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: