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Blade Runner Studio 2 accidents scenery workers died – Entertainment Sohu-mi.11bt.info

"Blade Runner" Studio 2 accidents set field work accident Sohu entertainment news died – shoot in Hungary Budapest Sohu entertainment film day before (Wen Da Zi) famous Hollywood director Denis Villanueva being shot in the science fiction film "Blade Runner 2". Today came the bad news: according to foreign media reports, the Budapest film shot in Hungary before the date when a scenery workers died. The field is not the crew of the crew, is hired by a local company hired King personnel, unfortunately, was built in the collapse of scaffolding collapsed during the stage. At present, the crew has been transferred to another location to shoot. 2 "Blade Runner" is one of the most popular science fiction films this year. In the last century, the style will be a continuation of the 80s classic science fiction. The film is set in the decades after the last movie. A centralized, Los Angeles into smoky place, mankind created the clone, rather than on the human body. Humans do not allow them to have the right to be normal, so they must be destroyed. After a riot, they sentenced to disappear from the earth, if it is found again, kill with lawful authority. A group of clones ventured back to earth, they wanted to find their maker, to survive. Special arrest clone blade runner group elite Dick, the final feelings and beautiful clone song, it soon fell into chaos…… Once the purchase price "Dallas club" won the Oscar for best supporting actor, and in this year’s summer blockbuster "X" task force plays "clown" Jared – Leto, will officially enter the crew, play an important role in the mysterious. The old version of the actor Harrison Ford, Ryan Gauss, Lin barkard – a Battie star power to send, also have been identified to participate in the film. "Blade Runner" will be landing in January 12, 2018 2 theaters in North america.相关的主题文章: