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Biometric Access Control System To Fight Against The Terrorism At Public Sectors -beself

Software Terrorisms are the burning and global issue of the world. Who f.et the 9/11 attacks on America and attacks on five star hotel in India? Thousands of people die and many injured in above two attacks. We have to fight against these kinds of activities. These kinds of terrorist activities cannot be detected earlier and we have to prepare ourselves to fight against these kinds of attacks and have to develop automated system which can automatically monitor the related issue. We have to prepare batter security devices and have to implement methods which synchronized with these devices to detect the any activities in advance. Especially for public sectors which needs better security. To gain batter security in public sectors like hospitals, shopping malls and restaurants we have to adopt security devices based on the latest technology called biometric technology. Lets start with little introduction about biometric technology and its working. This technology relies on the physiological and behavioral attributes of human body like finger prints, eye retina, and distance between two eyes, voice identification, keystroke and signature. So it scans human faces and stores all above attributes in central database according to your predefined setting. Next time when someone tries to access he has t o pass under this technology. We can assembled this technology with existing security system like door access control , visitor management system , access control system and any authentication system. Let me explain in next paragraph on how you can use this technology with door access control system. You can embed biometric technology with door access control system to sensitive entrance of your premises where you need better authentication system and where you want to restrict or allow entry to the particular person who are authorized for those or in other words whom you have given authority to access. This system allows you to defined customize setting for your premises. You can store the data of as many people as you want and can also monitor and tracks the activities of all these people. This system scans all physiological and behavioral attributes of people. It stores these attributes in central database. When someone tries to access to your sensitive entrance he has to identify himself at this time system automatically checks the database and based on this it allow or restrict the entry of particular person. So this way it delivers batter security and identification process. You can use this system in public sectors like hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls and other places. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: