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Biography oppo r9s will be released in September 12th, where to go back leucorrhea (video)-www.09955.com

Biography OPPO R9s will be released in September 12th, where to go back leucorrhea? Tencent digital news (blue) OPPO R9 listed so far is said to have more than 10 million units sold, is the domestic intelligent mobile phone in the first half of this year the most popular. And now, upgrade OPPO R9s this "God made machine" will soon meet with us, according to OPPO staff disclosure on micro-blog news, OPPO R9s will be officially released in Beijing on September 12th, for the first time will not only support the super flash charging function, and uses a patented design of "no leucorrhea" shape, but temporarily do not know the specific sales price. Biography released in September 12th as a OPPO R9 upgrade products, OPPO R9s perhaps we are not unfamiliar, the machine will come out a few months ago, the news will switch to a new processor, and may support the super flash function. And now, according to the disclosure of the news OPPO employees on micro-blog said, OPPO will be officially released in September 12th in Beijing OPPO R9s, the main feature will be charging five minutes, call for ten hours. Although the news has not been confirmed, but there are users released the conference posters in Post Bar, confirmed that OPPO will be held in Beijing in September 12th with a new conference, the propaganda theme was the United States because of demanding ", and is said to be Taiwan actor Chang Chen spokesmen. HUAWEI MATE9 will be equipped with double camera OPPO R9S released in September on the back of no leucorrhea it is worth mentioning that, although now there is no OPPO R9s spy was exposed, but according to sources disclosed that the machine uses the same metal body, but the back will have leucorrhea antenna. However, this design not affected or Meizu iPhone 7 OPP, but in March this year to apply for a patent design, the main feature is in the premise of not affecting the signal, the mobile phone antenna band is decomposed into multiple tiny slit, thereby reducing the metal back cover non metal parts accounted for that makes it almost invisible. OPPO R9s there is a big change is will replace MediaTek processor with OPPO in the past R9 Qualcomm snapdragon processor, the specific model for MSM8953 Xiaolong 625. Prior to this, the Taiwan media have quoted the news of the mobile phone chip supply chain, said Qualcomm has won the order of OPPO R9s, is expected to ship in August of this year. And then insiders @ pan jiutang in micro-blog also confirmed that OPPO R9s will probably be equipped with 625 Xiaolong processor argument. Support the super flash charge as OPPO R9s will highlight the selling point is VOOC super flash charging function, not only charge five minutes to ten hours of talk, but allegedly the battery is full power as long as fifteen minutes, the official slogan is "give me a minute, you are 100%". At the same time, the Taiwan media also disclosed a similar argument, said the new OPPO will be equipped with the new AK903 charger, will have a super flash charging function. The main feature is that it takes only 15 minutes to fully fill the battery capacity of 2500mAh, and is still in use相关的主题文章: