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Bezos is going to rule the world Amazon’s share price rose to fourth U.S. coinwatch

Bezos is going to rule the world? Amazon shares new high market value rose to fourth U.S. Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, Amazon shares rose 2.1% Tuesday to refresh intraday record high of $787.88, a market capitalization of $374 billion, more than Mobil, Exxon Facebook and Berkshire Hathaway, become the fourth largest market capitalization of the company. The current Amazon has become a huge business with its cargo aircraft, original drama, cloud computing platforms, e-books, toys and countless home products online sales platform for these diversified business. In terms of its current market capitalization, ranked in front of Amazon’s three companies were Google (micro-blog) parent company Alphabet, Microsoft and apple. In terms of personal wealth, Bezos has now with Buffett’s personal wealth are both racing together bridle to bridle, $67 billion. It is worth mentioning that, Microsoft co-founder Bill – Gates (Bill gates) recently held public assets of the company because of the Canadian National Railway (Cana-dianNational Railway Company) and the Ecolab driver that his net worth reached $90 billion, equivalent to 0.5% of the assets of the GDP. In the competition, the development speed of the retail sector belong to WAL-MART and Taghit are far less than the amazon. Moreover, in order to meet as equals with Amazon in the retail business of WAL-MART, the world’s largest retailer also recently announced a price of approximately $3 billion 300 million acquisition business startup Jet. At the same time as well as WAL-MART’s own electricity supplier platform to upgrade the work, including the establishment of 7 new branches, employing electricity supplier operators and previously launched digital payment services products WalmartPay. However, we are still unable to determine whether the momentum of development of a series of initiatives WAL-MART can effectively blocking the amazon. From the current situation, Amazon, including sales and revenue data, including business performance are far more than its competitors, whether in the field of physical or online electricity providers are so. Moreover, the good trend is expected to continue. Analysts expect Amazon’s sales this year will usher in an increase of 28%, and in 2017 continued to usher in an increase of 20%. Moreover, analysts expect Amazon’s full year profit in 2017 is expected to usher in up to 80% year on year increase. At the same time, Amazon now is to further increase their investment in sales of daily necessities, which makes it not only become a direct competitor to WAL-MART and Taghit, is to become the Kroger, including kings and WholeFoods membership warehouse sales giant Costco, a deep hatred. So we think that Amazon is now the biggest risk may exist in the beisuosi "huge business territory", because investors generally are short-sighted, they want to see the investment enterprises revenue can usher in rapid growth in the short term. However, taking into account the Amazon launched in recent years, a large investment in the case, I am afraid this situation相关的主题文章: