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Beijing wedding photography; wedding dress selection process need to pay attention to what – Sohu-exit safe mode

Beijing wedding photography wedding dress; the selection process need to pay attention to what the Sohu to be married bride, how to choose a wedding dress? Lanfu Beijing wedding photography to give you a few suggestions of Korean wedding dress has become a lot of beautiful bride choice, and still need to be selected according to the actual situation of the bride. If the body is too thin, then it is best to choose those close to the short dress. Wedding wedding photo shoot is also an important part of the preparation process of the ceremony, with the continuous sweep of the Han Feng, aesthetic wedding photo has become a lot of new choice. In order to achieve the desired effect, wedding dress plays a vital role. Different sizes of newcomers in the choice of clothing, as far as possible to avoid. In the wedding photo shoot, the wedding has played a vital role in the selection of the good or bad, is directly related to the results of the shooting, so the bride should carefully choose their own clothing. General wedding photography is divided into two parts: exterior and interior. The number of sets of clothing photography is generally a day 3-5 sets of different, so the bride should be as much as possible to communicate with the clothing division, carefully selected their own shooting clothing, try to know the effect of the wedding. Some clothes may look very ordinary, but the upper body effect is very good. Many brides prefer white wedding dress, so they are more willing to choose those simple and dignified, but also the atmosphere of the wedding. This is also a good shot. If the choice is indoor wedding, the classic princess skirt bra is a lot of lovely bride choice. If you are shooting outdoor wedding, you can pick up some more gorgeous big tail. If the bride has picked a fishtail style of wedding, then another thing is like the best skirt. The lace bow and the white gauze hidden underneath the skirt or the pattern are sought after by the bride. Simple and elegant style is the most beautiful. Dress selection, in addition to the scene environment, but also with the bride’s own temperament. Petite bride can choose Cute short dress. Slim bride can choose slim dress, exquisite curve and comparison show enjoy the fullness of the bride can choose a fluffy skirt, and avoid weaknesses, if the upper body fullness of the bride can use some shawls and other decoration.相关的主题文章: