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Beijing – VIDEO – paintings in Dunhuang cuisine to reproduce the Silk Road modern classical cuisine -sayu-02

Beijing – VIDEO – paintings in "Dunhuang cuisine" to reproduce the Silk Road: modern cuisine delicacies classical paintings in "Dunhuang cuisine" to reproduce the Silk Road: modern classical cuisine dishes [comment] "nine color deer", "Crescent Spring", "Silk Road camel" and "Yang Guan fish"…… They are derived from the Dunhuang murals along the Silk Road in Gansu recently Dunhuang sungate delicacy, big scene reduction, "Dunhuang welcome banquet" to reproduce the ancient Silk Road. Experts and scholars from across the country and entrepreneurs to discuss the "taste silk art" re creation and development, made "Dunhuang cuisine" into the homes of ordinary people. [] over the Dunhuang diet culture research expert Gao Qian Dunhuang, in the literature, the Tang Dynasty Murals retained in the diet, in fact not all local people at that time, but it is a lot of from outside to Dunhuang, retained to Dunhuang, recorded in the literature, we can see it today is basically a a picture. [comment] Gansu Dunhuang Science Association vice president, Dunhuang food founder Zhao Changan said that Dunhuang is "western three" hinge of the throat, the various ethnic groups in the western regions will also be their diet, taste, cooking techniques to Dunhuang, Dunhuang, the four characteristics of Chinese and Western diet is compatible with Fang Fucou. [] Gansu Dunhuang period vice-president Zhao Changan was hiding under such as classics, volume more than 50 thousand, there are murals of more than 50 thousand square, so these are different from the picture and text records of some status was eating. You say we have a lot of mural figure depicts the time people feast, their eating posture, food and so on, unearthed papers inside have a lot of food names, these are. Therefore, Dunhuang’s food culture, its history is very long. Since the beginning of 1998, the development of Dunhuang diet has been exploring. "Make innovation" is one of Zhao Changan and the high Qian. On the basis of study of dietary data along the Silk Road, the use of modern cooking technology, developed a number of classic dishes filled Dunhuang culture, combined with classical fashion. Zhao Changan said, "Dunhuang welcome banquet" reproduction, it is hoped that Dunhuang food culture can attracts more attention, and continue to inheritance and innovation, to continue Dunhuang classical culture through the Dunhuang diet. Reporter Wei Jianjun Ding Gansu Dunhuang reported相关的主题文章: