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Beijing people drops taxi 4 km was received more than 1700 yuan more than normal 10 yuan-bree daniels

Beijing city taxi drops 4 km is 1700 multivariate normal 10 yuan Beijing public taxi drops 4 kilometers is 1700 yuan 10 yuan in net about normal car platform can "goofy", the key is to stand on the people and convenient travel demand "outlet", to provide a better quality of experience than traditional travel. If the passenger is "not clear" by deducting the fare, may give up the network about cars. The network about the car platform, not The loss outweighs the gain.? Not long ago, a friend and I went out shopping, about a "drop" car. When you come back to see the cost, the more the more I feel wrong: 3 km away, less than 10 minutes away, even to $23. According to the charges, the cost of this single will be about 10 yuan. Where is the taxi fare? I quickly get in touch with the driver. The other explained that the first two days of genius in the drip on the list, not familiar with the operation. After we get off, the master did not stop the trip for the first time, settlement costs, but also ran for a while before the termination of the trip. After some negotiations, the driver finally agreed to refund part of the fare. With friends to share this is not too happy about the network about the car experience, I found that the situation is similar to many deductions are not uncommon. Recently, there are media reports, Mr. Wen Beijing people use drops taxi travel, 4 km, 10 minutes away, but was charged more than $1700 taxi fare. And such a normal mileage of more than 10 yuan in general charges. This matter has been reported, attracted a lot of attention in a short time. Drops of customer service staff also said that this order is indeed unusual, will be further investigated and verified, timely feedback to the passengers. Why thousands of people hit the bus fare? I am afraid that people are worried about the decline in the quality of service vehicles. Compared with the traditional taxi, the network about the car along with the call, a key payment, a lot of people travel to the way. But with the network about the car market size bigger, about car service platform for enterprises can maintain a higher level of service quality, let the heart drums. There is a view that the rapid development of network about cars, cannot do without drops, excellent step "subsidy" policy, through the enterprise money, let users spend less cost and passengers can enjoy a better quality of service, bring a large number of users. Consumers can understand that companies do not lose money trading. Now the market is almost the same, the network about the car platform is not to make a profit? And so it seems. In August this year, after the acquisition of excellent step business, the two platforms for consumer subsidies have been reduced, about car prices rise in varying degrees. Some network about car users shunt, back to the traditional taxi or bus travel ranks. Subsidies fell so that some of the network about car driver revenue decline, they choose to quit, no longer through the network about the car APP orders. Network about car platform to cancel subsidies, which is the development of the enterprise stage strategy, understandable. Because the abolition of subsidies to bring some of the loss of users, to a certain extent, is normal. But for the platform business, similar to many deductions and other mismanagement led to a decline in the user experience, but it is not allowed to ignore相关的主题文章: