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Beijing man selling abroad when farmers can not afford a real wife when the woman at 6 days just black, on the farm a day’s work in the hands of Liu Bing swollen like Steamed Buns. In Australia, please a farm worker per hour to 30 dollars, she can only do a lot of work. As more and more Chinese people in Australia "staking", to buy a farm in Australia when the farmer has become a fashion. Australia many farms through Chinese agency released the transaction information, location, prices of farm are clearly marked with the blue sky and the green pastures, tempting. However, for two years has been in the Australian farmer Liu Bing couples, life here is far not as a quality suggestive of poetry or painting imagination. Lei Qing is 52 years old and her daughter is in australia. He was in Beijing in 2013 to participate in an Australian Agricultural Expo, through an intermediary to understand that the Chinese people can go to Australia to buy a farm. In 2013 eleven, he and his wife in the agency’s arrangements to a farm in Queensland conducted a field trip. Sell a suite as a farmer’s wife Liu Bingyi began to oppose abroad to buy a farm, one reason is two people never experience farm, millions of dollars is likely to naught; two is two people over the age of 50, to work on the farm, it is for the sins of the body too much. Lei Qing has its own considerations: Australia and Chinese only two hours time difference, season and climate, the daughter of China instead, after graduating from university also has the intention to find a job in Australia, his wife retired, he had to retire early in the Australian pension plan; secondly, Lei Qing grew up in the countryside, to put the sheep, all sorts of vegetable life is yearning; again, the Australian farm price is very cheap, "at home, even if you spend 5 million yuan, can not find the same farm." But he gave his wife. Two people finally reached a compromise: to work on the farm is entirely voluntary; if you feel exhausted, ready to sell the farm. The final purchase of the farm is a process of twists and turns. Lei Qing has two times to follow the agency Candy to Australia, and the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) interview. Until the eve of the Spring Festival in 2014, ray green farmers dream to be realized. He bought a small farm of 323.7 hectares in central Queensland for $800 thousand. The cost of buying the farm was the sale of a 110 square metre house in Beijing. To the day of the farm, the couple boarded a small hillside pasture, there is a small lake slopes below, there are a few ducks in water, grass and a pony, saw them swiftly ran out of sight. The pasture stroll around, almost spent more than an hour. Ray green excited tears, "I became a farmer". No more than 10 million of the most popular addition to the $800 thousand, Lei Qing to pay various taxes and fees, and to buy a batch of cattle, but also hire a farm manager first for his management of the farm. Hold the herd 8相关的主题文章: