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Beijing – in – 2016 Shuanghui meat industry development conference held in Beijing shuyue

Beijing, Shuanghui chairman Wan Long – Shuanghui meat industry development conference 2016 held in Beijing (right) and the honorary president of Chinese Meat Association He Luli (left) to the new network on 27 September, 26, "Shuanghui – 2016 meat industry development conference held in Beijing International Conference center. Wanzhou International chairman of the board of directors, chairman Bandung Shuanghui Shuanghui group, was invited to attend the opening ceremony, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth NPC Standing Committee, honorary president of China Meat Association He Luli, chairman of the world meat organization, President of the French Alliance and pig Hu attended the opening ceremony. The assembly also invited the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of industry, the State Food and drug administration, the national health and Family Planning Commission, the State Quality Inspection Administration, the national anti smuggling office and other departments to do guest speakers. At present, great changes have taken place in Chinese meat industry, and constantly improve the relevant regulations and standards, improve the level of industry, speed up structural adjustment, industry concentration increased, consumers of meat quality, taste, nutrition and safety requirements more and more high, China meat industry industrial upgrading and structural adjustment is imperative. The conference is in "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, in a meat industry event held in the new situation of the domestic economy, the world economy depth adjustment under the influence, will have important and positive for the future development of meat industry. As the China meat industry leader, is particularly remarkable in the Shuanghui meat industry development conference. Over the past 30 years, always adhere to the development strategy of Shuanghui professional focus, adhere to the promotion of cold meat, meat processing stick, stick to the road of the development of brand, industrialization, adhere to the leading technology, innovation management, has always been the vanguard of Chinese meat industry structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading. Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth NPC Standing Committee, honorary president of Chinese Meat Association He Luli said in recent years, the positive response to the national development strategy of "going out". 2013 to complete the overseas mergers and acquisitions, to achieve international and domestic two markets, the use of the two resources. In 2014, Shuanghui holding company of Wanzhou International listed in Hongkong, the stock was included in the FTSE index, Hongkong large shares of the Hang Seng Composite Index, international influence as a listed company. In 2016, the parent company of Wanzhou International Shuanghui "fortune" for the first time to enter the world top 500, became the only list China food processing enterprises. This is the result of the international development of Chinese meat enterprises, is a major event in China’s food industry, marking the development of China’s food industry has reached the world’s leading level. At present, Wanzhou International Business in Asia, the United States and Europe radiation three continents in more than and 20 countries, in meat products, fresh food and pig breeding in three major areas are ranked first in the world, is the world’s largest and widest distribution, the industrial chain of the most perfect, the most competitive pork food enterprises. The future, Shuanghui will continue to focus on the meat industry, develop Sino US business synergies, promote the development of globalization, promote the enterprises to enter a higher stage of development, consolidate and expand the leading position in the global market, and make new contribution to the development of meat industry.相关的主题文章: