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Beijing city heating supply ready 12 days before the cold air activity – Sohu news-stellarium

Beijing city heating supply ready 12 days before the cold air activity – Sohu news Beijing morning news reporter from the city management committee was informed that yesterday, the city conducted second rounds of meteorological consultation. According to the consultation results, before November 12th, 5 consecutive days, the average temperature is below 5 DEG C less likely. 12 may have cold air activity, the relevant departments will continue to pay close attention to weather conditions. At present, the city’s more than 1 thousand and 300 heating units are ready, 32 emergency repair teams have entered the standby state. 12 days before the weather cold air activities in accordance with the provisions of the "measures" Beijing city management of heating, heating in advance to temperature for 5 days the average temperature lower than 5 DEG C. City Management Committee responsible person, yesterday morning, Beijing City Management Committee and the Municipal Meteorological Bureau and other relevant departments of the second round of Heating Meteorological consultation. Discuss the results show that the meteorological data from the current point of view, the 5 consecutive day average temperature below 5 DEG C less likely. According to the current meteorological data, the city may have 12 days after the cold air activity, the relevant departments will continue to pay close attention to weather conditions. This winter gas increased 800 million cubic Security Management Committee of the relevant responsible person said, the heating season heating preparatory work has been basically completed. The city’s new heating area of about 30 million square meters this year, the city’s total heating area of up to 810 million square meters, of which residents heating area of up to 600 million square meters. With the further development of coal gas, improve the city’s clean energy heating ratio to 88%, the city center is realized without coal heating boiler. The demand for natural gas rose sharply, in 2016 -2017 heating season, the city’s total natural gas is expected to be 11 billion 800 million cubic meters, an increase of about 800 million cubic meters over the previous heating season. Supervision of 80 units of heating is not up to be interviewed by the reporter learned that the district has conducted interviews of 80 heating units last year more complaints, asking them to ensure that in the first day of the official heating temperature standards. If this is still no improvement in media exposure. According to reports, in accordance with the principles of the area is responsible for the city to improve the city, county, township and township streets three management network and linkage coordination mechanism, the development of a variety of winter heating security programs and emergency plans. The city’s 32 emergency rescue team since November 1st to enter the standby state. The 48 low temperature test equipment commissioning a reporter from the city heat group was informed that starting today, this year, including the transformation of the Xuanwumen East Street, alley No. 30 Minkang hospital, Hongmiao North District 48 low temperature area will gradually start equipment debugging, inspection and modification effect. By then, the district residents involved in the heating pipes and radiators in the home will have a certain temperature, such as a special case of a wide range of heating will start from 7. It is reported that the city this year to complete the heating facilities maintenance updates about more than 12 thousand, heating pipe network transformation of 180 old residential, clean energy transformation of 96 coal-fired heating boiler room. Beijing morning news reporter Wang Ping heating is not hot three hotline hotline district heating units if the public home.相关的主题文章: