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Beijing charity Charitable Foundation donated more than 3 pieces of clothing to Xinjiang – China Net www.cmechina.net

Beijing charity Charitable Foundation donated more than 3 pieces of clothing to Xinjiang – China network recently, Beijing charity charity foundation has donated more than 33 thousand and 800 pieces of clothing to Hotan, Akesu and other places. For the recipient on behalf of the Beijing charity charity foundation presented a banner expressing gratitude. Zhong Xin, Beijing, August 25 (Xinhua) (reporter Long Xin) reporter learned from the charity charity foundation of Beijing City, the foundation has recently started to donate clothes to Xinjiang Hotan, Akesu and other places more than 33 thousand and 800. The sponsor, President of the Buddhist Association of China Xue Cheng monk said the 25 interview with reporters in Beijing Beijing charity charity foundation, precise poverty has risen as a national strategy, the fund will play the role of Buddhism in helping the poor; the donation clothing is caring people for the people of Xinjiang care. Beijing charity charity foundation Deputy Secretary General Liu Zhifeng 25, introduced the activities of Beijing, Tianjin, Fujian, launched Guangzhou’s caring people donated more than 33 thousand and 800 pieces of clothing, were sent to Xinjiang and the ancient city of Tian Jiang Ba Ge Xiang Cun, Akesu District special wire Keping County Gez Lectra village Mamluk town library; hope that through donations of clothing, the expression of minority compatriots love. It is reported that donations of clothing before packing, the volunteers were classified, drying and disinfection of clothing. Xue Cheng monk told reporters that in recent years, Beijing City Charity Foundation to carry out poverty alleviation projects including "love clothes + clothes, filial piety, Qiming College student. "Love clothes + clothes" project mainly through donations of clothing for the disaster area and poor area, promote multi-level poverty alleviation; filial piety student project through visits mode, organize volunteers in-depth schools in poor areas, the growth of physical and mental health of helping poor students; college project through charity Qiming cabin model, regular quarterly for the local poor households send rice, flour and oil and other supplies. Among them, "love clothes + clothes" project started since 2007, the payment of the principle of fine and sorting, correspondence, and personally delivered care to household "arrangement, to Chinese donated nearly 1 million 100 thousand pieces around. Based on this foundation, and gradually introduce the student medical library of rural poverty alleviation work, Shanxi, toured Hebei, Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and other places. Beijing charity charity foundation was established in 2006, has long tried to explore a new pattern of integration of Buddhism and modern spirit of compassion charity management system, and continue to play a positive force of Buddhism in the lives of the poor, purify the mind, of a harmonious society. (end)相关的主题文章: