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Beautiful not only a little new Pentium X80 real analytic auto Sohu polartec

Beautiful not only a little new Pentium X80 real analytic Sohu automobile car Sohu [map] Pentium X80 service since its launch in 2013, by virtue of excellent workmanship and good configuration had been sought after by the market, after the launch of 1.8T models and further strengthen its dynamic performance. Now in the face of fierce competition in the domestic market of SUV, Pentium X80 ushered in a change of the medium-term, before the news broke, paragraph 2017 of the Pentium X80 or will be in late September listing, we also recently saw the car really, next look at it. The new Pentium X80 was not a small improvement in appearance, a lot of changes in the details, including the front grille, front and rear bumper and lamp group were adjusted, at first glance, people feel much more beautiful than the current model. The new car in front of the new family, hexagonal net is much bigger than the current model, surrounded by decorative chrome lines more tough, inside the three chrome trim is very sturdy, new headlamps and grille styling more integration, the overall visual effect more youthful fashion. In addition the sport model adopts the honeycomb grille, and black bumpers, a moving van is enough. The new shape of the headlights with light one distance design, and a lens, simple shapes, lines more sharp, looks more beautiful than the current model. "The L daytime driving lights" with the type of front fog lamp collocation is very exquisite fashion like. The exterior rearview mirror has been optimized and integrated with the LED steering lamp, 360 degree panoramic camera. In addition, the new car in the net below the LOGO and the tail also have a panoramic camera. The new X80 in the tail changes compared to the front face fewer, mainly concentrated in the details and taillights on the rear bumper, new bumper is more strong, more full of visual effects. Sports bumper is different from other models, using black paint. Other new LED taillights internal structure was optimized, compared with the overall current model is stronger, more beautiful. The tail line is more concise, collocation LED high brake lights, can play the role of good tips. In body size, the new X80 little change compared to the current model, only the body length increased on 34mm, compared to competing products models and there is no obvious advantage. The car tires used 17 inch wheels Aluminum Alloy new style, regardless of sport or ordinary version of the model, five wheels compared to the old models in the style of a lot of beautiful, tire size is 21560 R17. Although the overall layout of the new X80 little change in the interior, but in many details on the configuration has been adjusted, interior materials and workmanship is still very good. The dashboard is composed of double barrel type design changed with barrel type design, and increase the overall color driving computer display, many simple and practical. The console is equipped with a new independent LCD screen, which is the new X80 in the interior of a major bright spot. This 8 inch color touch screen resolution and sensitivity are not.相关的主题文章: