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Baoji people only buy a small ticket hit three root cucumber supermarket price (video)-t6670

Baoji people only buy a small ticket hit three root cucumber supermarket price of the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Song Jie Song Fang) just bought a cucumber, three times the price of cucumber why supermarket shopping small ticket, and the price is not a? In the consumer’s questioning, which ultimately solve the consumer complaints. The morning of September 17th, Mr. Liu to Baoji city consumers shopping in a supermarket, buy a cucumber and other 11 kinds of vegetables and meat dish. But after returning home, he accidentally found that the supermarket shopping small ticket, respectively three times, 2.37 yuan, 3.07 yuan and 1.20 yuan. "I just bought a cucumber in the supermarket, why the small ticket will appear three times cucumber, but the price is not a?" Mr. Liu with questions to find the supermarket service, but was told that because of Mr. Liu to buy other vegetables with cucumber price almost, belongs to discount merchandise, so are beaten with the name of the cucumber. At home, Mr. Liu also found another problem in the small ticket, he bought "stewed pork stomach" weight 0.256kg, display the charges for 14.74 yuan, and in the purchase of food packaging bags affixed shopping price tag that is displayed is the weight of 256g, the amount of 14.64 yuan, real packaging the price tag and the shopping small ticket is not the same, many consumers received 1 cents. Mr. Liu once again to the supermarket to negotiate, supermarket after posterior said, because the business variety, this is not timely adjustment of the name of the food and the member price caused by the problem, and to apologize to Mr. Liu, he sincerely, compensation 200 yuan, Mr. Liu said this understanding. Close to the "eleven" golden week, the Shaanxi Provincial Association to remind consumers to purchase goods in supermarkets, should pay attention to check the goods and shopping small ticket printing the name, specifications, quantity, prices are consistent, wary of bad business standard low-cost high fees behavior. Found problems in a timely manner to the industry and commerce, consumer associations and other departments to report complaints. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video only for extended reading. Supermarket hidden mystery相关的主题文章: