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Baoding 6 year old boy falling well has not yet detected traces of Sohu News – Boy-ssdao

Baoding 6 year old boy falling well has yet to reach the boy trace Sohu news page first: Baoding 6 year old boy fall dry rescue scene aerial map. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo November 6th morning 11 am, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun at the age of 6 with his father in the Cong Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped the well. As of press time last night, the relevant departments and social forces to carry out rescue efforts have been 60 hours, has not yet found the boy. Today, at 1 am, Lixian County official said, the scene has more than more than 140 operating vehicles, rescue workers involved in the rescue of about 500, there are still about 6 meters from the bottom. Family members said the boy accidentally falls into a well Grandpa boy said Mr. Li, a grandson and a granddaughter home, 6 year old grandson, granddaughter has been in kindergarten, primary school, at that time, the children followed his father in the Chinese cabbage, grandson accidentally fell into the well. It is reported that the wells was previously a port for irrigation wells have been abandoned for five years, the depth of about 40 meters, about 30 cm in diameter wellhead. "This well without backfill, the incident also did not cover, no warning signs erected around." Mr. Li said. After the incident, the Lixian County Public Security Bureau, Lixian County public security fire brigade, Baoding, blue rescue team, 120 emergency rescue teams and the villagers spontaneously organized, the township and the surrounding social rescue forces rushed to the scene to participate in the rescue. The children fall well after more than two hours, there are more than and 20 excavators arriving in the well near the beginning mining. The father of the child is also the first time a circle of friends for help. Local propaganda department has said that mining equipment has been adequate, but the lack of advanced detection equipment to save. The cracks due to excavator caused yesterday at 5 pm, the center position above the rescue team work 5 cm long crack, involved in the rescue of the rescue team captain Wang Xiaodong stood 36 meters from the ground, pointing to the head of a sand piled into the platform "because of excavator continuous operation, the cracks of the platform. There is a danger of collapse." After the rescue team’s assessment, taking into account the sand may be buried, must be the head of the cracks to deal with the work, so all rescue workers have all been withdrawn. Beijing News reporter learned that the shutdown when there are seven from bottom cutting tube, has exposed length, each section of about 95 cm, with six cut. Mining has been close to the bottom 7:30 last night, Wang Xiaodong said that at present from the bottom and the 6.3 metres, will be placed in the cylinder wall around the well, to prevent the occurrence of sediment collapse. Wang Xiaodong told reporters, the site currently has Zhili rescue team, blue rescue team and timely rescue team. Blue rescue team is mainly responsible for perimeter security, timely rescue team with the rescue team of the excavation work in Zhili province. Wang Xiaodong said, had previously used infrared cameras to the bottom of the probe, but the fog is too heavy, did not find traces of the child. In addition, because the child falling time is too long, so I can not judge the likelihood of survival, only to mining, and keep down oxygen. Captain Wang said: although from the accident to the present, only slept for two hours, but as long as the child Youdao相关的主题文章: