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Baidu Zhu Guang AI will make the essential changes in Inclusive Finance – Sohu Technology jkforum

Baidu Zhu: AI will make essential changes of inclusive financial technology Sohu – Sohu science news on the morning of November 18th held the Third World Conference of the Internet "Internet plus Inclusive Finance Forum dialogue session, Baidu senior vice president Zhu Guang said, the only innovation technology is the only way to achieve financial inclusion, the change of artificial intelligence technology let the financial technology brings an essential. Zhu Guang believes that the main meaning of Inclusive Finance has two aspects, one aspect of those who can not get a good financial services can get financial services. Now the main financial services institutions, the object of service or those who have credit records in the central bank, the number of about three hundred million people. But China’s economy is likely to have eight hundred million of the population, the remaining five hundred million also need to obtain the appropriate financial services. Zhu Guang said, even if the three hundred million people, should also through technological innovation, through the improvement of various financial services, so that different people have different services, Zhu Guang said, the only innovation technology is the only way to achieve financial inclusion. The technology of artificial intelligence will bring about a fundamental change in financial technology. At present, Baidu is doing things, such as in the financial sector to solve the problem of identity recognition, remote account problems, risk identification, etc., from the perspective of borrowing is very good. But the problem is that technology is not yet able to completely solve the problem of fraud and identity. But the emergence of artificial intelligence, deep learning and other technologies can help users to achieve. Zhu Guang believes that the identity of the problem from the technical point of view, I believe there will be a perfect solution within one to two years. In addition, the problem of large data risk control, the need for the collection of large data processing, through machine learning, artificial intelligence means, you can determine whether to give the corresponding personnel corresponding credit and service. The big data risk control technology will certainly need to accelerate the artificial intelligence technology. When it comes to smart investment, quantitative investment and other issues, many people borrowed money only a single investment channels. If it is a single, it is necessary to consider the specific investment. In the long run, these problems can be solved in a technical way. In addition, according to the user’s emotions, as well as everyone’s expectations of specific individuals, according to the data on the Internet to determine a trend is also being studied Baidu. Zhu Guang said that if you can really achieve Inclusive Finance dream, Baidu must be in technology, more investment in artificial intelligence. (Ding Ding)相关的主题文章: