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Asiago, A Unique And Unf.ettable City-freyja

Travel-and-Leisure Who has never heard of Asiago? Few, if not very few. There are those who think it as a tourist destination in summer, that being near the Po Valley be.es a refuge from the heat and humidity for many of our major urban centers like Venice, Padua and Milan, and even Rome. Others consider Asiago a great center for gliding, with the possibility to fly over the unforgettable Dolomites. Still others think about winter sports. And do not forget the Asiago cheese, known throughout the world. Or the Rosso Asiago, derived from our own quarries and cladding many buildings in Italy and abroad, such as in Kuwait. The Asiago plateau, .posed by eight municipalities, is a beautiful terrace facing south on the Po Valley and tenderly protected to the north by the magnificent Dolomites. It is one of the most popular and sparkling tourist resorts in winter and summer and also offers a lively after ski. In Asiago and in the plateau, you can practice numerous sport activities. During winter: cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering ski, telemark, ice skating, figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, walking with snow shoes (called ciaspole). During summer: trekking and hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking, horseback riding, golf, orienteering, grass skiing, ski roll, gliding and motor. All year round, in different sport structures: athletics, soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming and tennis. As for the cheese, Asiago is an Italian cheese of Protected Designation Origin, produced in two different flavors, fresh and matured. The high level historical center features for the many and classy shops, for its pubs, discos and a town always in a festive mood. Holiday on the plateau evokes strong emotions in those who enjoy holiday in the mountains, for those who appreciate the mountains of Ve.o, including beautiful landscapes and a great touristic offer. The Asiago plateau, also known as the Seven Municipalities Plateau, offers a chance to live a wonderful vacation in the mountains with the whole family, a romantic getaway in the picturesque peaks of Vicenza, a holiday of sport and physical activity, in winter as in summer, skiing on the beautiful ski slopes of the area or for hiking, walking, mountain biking etc. To visit the Asiago plateau, you should begin a journey through the 8 charming towns. The first town you encounter is Rotzo, the oldest of all the Asiago plateaus municipalities and this is also the municipality most rich in history and ancient testimonies. A Rotzo you can visit, in addition to the numerous votive capitals, the Church of Santa Margherita, the oldest church of the plateau, and the Ossuary built after the war to preserve the remains of the fallen. After Rotzo continuing along our route, we meet Roana, location that, like all of the Plateau of Asiago, was heavily involved the numerous fights of the first World War, as the Museum of War’15-’18. For those who love nature, not far from Roana, it is possible to visit the Lonaba artificial lake, a tourist destination of great charm. The next step leads us to Asiago, the most famous and popular tourist region of the entire plateau. Holidays in Asiago hotels offer the opportunity to practice all summer and winter sports, skiing on the beautiful slopes of the ski area and enjoy walking and hiking in the beautiful landscapes. The main attractions of Asiago are the Military Shrine (an Ossuary giving a rest to the fallen in the First World War) and the astrophysicist Observatory of the University of Padua. After Asiago, the path to the discovery of Seven Towns of the Plateau leads us to Gallio, where you can visit the lovely church and immerse yourself in the lush surrounding nature. After Gallio you reach Foza, a tiny but charming town of the Province of Vicenza, where you can enjoy days of total relaxation and escape from the world. The route continues towards Enego, a place where nature retains a special charm. In Enego you can visit the Church of Santa Giustina, and the remains of the tower of the ancient castle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: