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As of the end of October more than 50 thousand in Chongqing city on credit blacklist www.szxcn.cn

As of the end of October more than 50 thousand in Chongqing city on credit "blacklist" yesterday, member of the Chongqing Municipal Higher People’s Court of the judicial committee deputy director Yu Jie Cheng, Professor, doctoral tutor of Southwest University of Political Science and Law madengke experts and scholars to people.com.cn, introduced the effectiveness of Chongqing court "focus on the implementation of the special action to achieve the kennedy. Jie Cheng Yu introduced, this year 1~10 month, the city’s courts accepted 146954 enforcement cases, rulings 108789, respectively, representing an increase of 40.03% and 48.4%, implementation of the settlement rate of 74.03%. Apply for the implementation of the subject amount of 45 billion 800 million yuan, the implementation of the amount of cash of $19 billion 800 million, an increase of more than last year, the implementation of cash to honor the $11 billion 980 million, an increase of 152%. Jie Cheng Yu said that the city court to further increase the use of coercive measures. At the end of October, the city’s three courts to search 3630, detained 3010 people, restrictions on high consumption of 25748 passengers, 3195 passengers, immigration restrictions criminally prosecuted 278 people. Increased credit discipline, the city has more than 50 thousand people were included in the list of dishonest debtor.相关的主题文章: