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Apple iTunes Radio stop merge into Apple Music- Sohu science and technology news, apple today officially stopped the free iTunes Radio streaming media services worldwide, the content will be incorporated into the AppleMusic service. In fact, apple earlier this month announced the iTunes Radio free service will be terminated at the end of January, but still for Apple Music subscribers open. Apple Music this morning, radio station radio, which hits iOS music applications, will jump to the page where users choose to join Apple Music music streaming services. In addition, if the iTunes users on the Mac platform want to access these radio channels, or build their own content, the application will also jump out of the window and ask the user to join Apple Music. Subscribers to iTunes Match will no longer be able to access the station, but Apple’s Beat 1 channel is still available free of charge for iTunes users worldwide. After the release of Apple Music in June 30, 2015, Apple also continues to provide iTunes Radio radio services including advertising content in the United States and australia. ITunes Radio was first released with iTunes 11.1 and iOS 7, which is a free, advertising service that provides users with music discovery capabilities.

苹果iTunes Radio停用 并入Apple Music-搜狐科技   最新消息,苹果今日正式在全球范围内停止了免费的iTunes Radio流媒体服务,将相关内容并入了AppleMusic服务中。实际上,苹果本月早前就宣布了iTunes Radio免费服务将在1月底终止,但仍面向Apple Music订阅用户开放。      Apple Music   今天早晨,点击进入iOS音乐应用的radio station电台,就会跳转至让用户选择加入Apple Music音乐流媒体服务的页面。   此外,Mac平台上的iTunes用户如果想要访问这些电台频道,或者构建自己的内容,应用也会跳出窗口请求用户加入Apple Music。   而订阅iTunes Match的用户也将无法再访问电台,不过苹果的Beat 1频道仍然以免费收听的方式面向全球范围内的iTunes用户可用。   在2015年6月30日Apple Music发布之后,苹果也仍在美国和澳大利亚默默持续提供包含广告内容的iTunes Radio电台服务。iTunes Radio最早是随同iTunes 11.1以及iOS 7发布的,这是个免费、包含广告的服务,为用户提供音乐发现功能。相关的主题文章: