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Apple does not hit the end of the keyboard, which is the input device Transformers – Sohu Technology www.bxwx.org

After blasting apple is not reliable keyboard, this is the pressure screen using intelligent mobile phone input devices – Sohu Transformers technology to Apple iPhone 6S led the interaction design of mobile intelligent terminal to use multi touch for more than a depth dimension, make human-computer interaction more gameplay. But the inspector found a veteran in battle a new input device called Sensel Morph, do not know where to go high pressure screen. Sensel Morph is based on a touch input device, it looks like an ordinary trackpad, but which integrates the 20 thousand sensing elements, Sensel Morph is not as intelligent as the capacitive touch screen mobile phone equipment, and don’t ask to touch. The user can use the pen or pencil in the Sensel above Morph, and in the process of the tools used in the digital products still can feel all the nuances of the measurement can touch the intensity and direction. These are not the focus, the focus is in a sense Sensel Morph is a custom input device, the interactive experience to the next level. You can put the piano keys on it, it will become an electronic keyboard keyboard; QWERTY keyboard on the screen, you can become an ultra-thin keyboard tablet. As an artist you can use Sensel Morph to customize their own electronic musical instruments, as a game enthusiast you can create their own exclusive game controller. In short Sensel Morph to the input device can be added to the definition of dimensions. Run faster than Hongkong reporters into the Sensel inspector, the team behind Morph Sensel is located in the Silicon Valley office, made an exclusive interview with their co-founder and CTO Aaron Zarraga. (Sensel CTO Aaron Zarraga) Sensel two founders Ilya and Aaron and met in the hardware department Lab126 Amazon, Amazon is responsible for Kindle and Echo hardware sector. After graduating from Standford Aaron in Lab 126 and Ilya Rosenberg for many years, is a serial entrepreneur, Princeton after graduation to read computer PhD at the New York University, before founding the pressure of multi touch technology startups IFSR Touchco less than a year on the acquisition by Amazon. Ilya experience in the field of touch equipment, with more than a dozen patents. At the end of 2013, Ilya show a Aaron pressure sensor prototype, Aaron told us, "I have never seen such a revolutionary and suitable for large-scale production of low cost pressure sensing device, and Aaron immediately decided to join the Ilya business, this is the beginning of Sensel. Sensel is not going to explore.相关的主题文章: