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Antivirus software McAfee founder sued Intel to obtain the right to use the name candy boy

Antivirus software founder McAfee sued Intel for the right to use the name McAfee McAfee founder Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, the antivirus software McAfee founder John · McAfee (JohnMcAfee) on Friday filed a lawsuit against Intel, for use of his name in the new company’s rights. McAfee has been acquired by Intel. Intel acquired McAfee in 2010, and eventually renamed the latter Intel security". McAfee subsequently joined digital gaming company MGTCapital Investments, chairman and CEO, and plans the company changed its name to "John · McAfee global technology company" (John McAfee Global Technologies Inc). McAfee said submitted to the federal court in Manhattan on Friday to his complaint, Intel warned that any use of the name will infringe Intel McAfee in 2010 acquisition of trademark rights obtained in the transaction. Intel spokesman declined to comment. Intel is currently planning to sell McAfee. Informed sources said that private equity investment in Holdings Company too is one of the potential bidders, and Intel has launched a preliminary consultations, valuation of the deal for McAfee up to $3 billion. As part of a more lucrative data center business strategy, Intel is considering getting rid of the antivirus software sector. Intel in 2011 completed a $7 billion 700 million acquisition of McAfee, plans to integrate security features directly in its chip products. McAfee is 70 years old this year, has announced that the Liberal Party presidential candidate at the end of last year, advocated the establishment of a focus on the privacy of the platform, including the promotion of the government to develop a network security defense strategy. The Liberal Party presidential candidate by former New Mexico governor Gary · Johnson (Gary Johnson) win. In 2012, the Belize police accused of illegal possession of firearms McAfee manufacturing drugs, but their subsequent release. After that, Belize police on suspicion of murder charges McAfee neighbors, and the hunt. McAfee then went to Guatemala, after being detained and released, eventually returned to the United states. McAfee said that he is innocent. (compile Xiao rain)相关的主题文章: