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Andouble intends to adopt the amendment to the public election law in this Congress and further amen-sopor aeternus

Andouble intends to pass the amendment to the public election law in this Congress, and then proposes the original title of the amendment: Andouble intends to adopt the amendment to the public election law in this Congress, and then to amend the data map: Abe Shinzo, Prime Minister of japan. China News Agency, photo Beijing, February 21, according to Japanese media reports, a radio program in 20, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo recorded in electoral reform house said the amendment will strive to cut through the 10 seats in the "public election law" in this congress. In addition, he mentioned again that the second clause of the ninth constitution, which does not maintain combat effectiveness, said: "it should be explicitly written into the presence of the sdf." In the summer when the Senate election held together with the next house of Representatives election "house and Senate elections on the same day" is negative. This is the first time that Andouble explicitly put forward the amendment of public election law. In order to meet the summer Senate election, make a positive statement on the reduction of seats. Andouble said: "in order to take the responsibility, I hope the Congress can improve the law, cut 10 seats and so on." He is in 19 days the House Budget Committee said only than the Liberal Democratic Party proposed "since 2020" in advance. As for constitutional amendment, Andouble appealed: "this is the long cherished wish of the LDP since its founding 60 years ago.". I will continue to challenge, never give up." In addition, he also expressed his optimistic attitude to the cooperation of Osaka, Xinhui and Singapore, which had a positive attitude towards amending the constitution. It is reported that in 5 this month, the House Budget Committee, Andouble for the Liberal Democratic Party proposed draft in article ninth of the Constitution in section second clearly written into the right of self-defense, put forward to maintain "defense forces", has made it clear that "I also thought", the constitutional amendment will. The report pointed out that around the constitutional amendment of the motion conditions, that is, in the Senate and the Senate must get more than 2/3 of the ninety-six favor, Andouble in radio programs pointed out: "2/3 of the proportion is too high.". If it is against the constitutional amendment to get more than 1/3 seats, it is not right for the people to vote on the constitutional amendment." He also stressed the necessity of establishing emergency provisions when big disasters were anticipated. In addition, Andouble also made it clear that the consumption tax rate will be increased to 10% in April next year. Editor in chief: SN226

安倍拟在本届国会通过公选法修改案并再提修宪   原标题:安倍拟在本届国会通过公选法修改案并再提修宪 资料图:日本首相安倍晋三。中新社发 东友 摄   中新网2月21日电 据日本媒体报道,日本首相安倍晋三在20日录制的一档广播节目中就众院选举制度改革称,将力争在本届国会通过削减10个席位的《公职选举法》等的修正案。此外,他再次提及修改规定“不保持战斗力”的宪法第九条第二款称:“应当明确写入自卫队的存在。”对夏季参院选举时一起举行下届众院选举的“众参两院同日选举”则表示否定。这是安倍首次明确提出公选法修改实施时间。旨在为迎接夏季的参院选举对削减席位做出积极表态。   报道称,安倍就削减席位问题说道:“为负起责任,希望在本届国会能完善法律,削减10个席位等。”他在19日的众院预算委员会上仅表示将比自民党提出的“从2020年起”有所提前。   有关修宪,安倍呼吁道:“这是自民党建党60年以来一直的夙愿。我将继续进行挑战,决不放弃。”此外,他还表示看好同对修宪态度积极的“大阪维新会”的合作。   据悉,在本月5日的众院预算委员会上,安倍对于自民党草案提出在宪法第九条第二款中明确写进自卫权、提出保有“国防军”的说法,曾明确表示“我也是同样的想法”,可见其修宪意愿。   报道指出,围绕修宪的动议条件,即规定了必须在众参两院分别获得三分之二以上赞成的九十六条,安倍在广播节目中指出:“三分之二的比例过高。如果反对修宪派获得超过三分之一的席位,国民就不能对修宪案进行投票是不对的。”他还强调了建立预想大灾害等发生时的紧急事态条款的必要性。   此外,安倍还明确了将按原计划明年4月上调消费税税率至10%。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: