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Analysis of outcome of color 2016146 handicap Paris Gao shuipan disadvantageous force – Sohu hhh49.com

Analysis of outcome of color 2016146 handicap: Paris Gao shuipan potential adverse – Sohu 16146 Champions League victory and defeat color quiz group phase 2 round of the tournament, this is the most luxurious global village Football Club tournament. UEFA Champions League group stage is divided into eight groups, each group of four, the main venue for the two round of the tournament in the first round of the second round of the goal, the goal of the first place in the top two to qualify for the knockout, the name of the name of the driver in Europa third. Look at the basic trend is from the first round results. The winning color Europe refers to seven games support the disc half above the market, comprehensive subjective factors, there is still some room for selection of bile. 01 Monaco E VS      Leverkusen; Monaco 31 [French 2] nearly nine games 8 wins and 1 losses record in the Champions League qualifier off two wins out of David Villa home court, the first group phase by 2-1 wins, Tottenham away hemisphere; Leverkusen Bundesliga 10] new season six games 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative record. The first round of the Champions League home court, 2-2 and Pingmo army. Two teams in the recent 2014 Champions League Cup two round of Monaco host and field 1-0 win. Europe refers to 99 with an average of 2.40   3.31   2.97: equivalent disk main let flat half high water dish 1.05 potential trap. William, Hill. 2.50 =   3.20:   3 = 2.50 = 3.30   and Libo;   = two; 3 Pingfu in low value to prevent losing points. Check lottery 31. 02 E CSKA Moscow VS Tottenham Hotspur   31; the Central Army [Russian 2] nearly four games 1 wins 2 flat 1 negative mediocre record, the first round of the Champions League Cup away by half a 2-2 draw "is a good result; Tottenham [Premier League 2] season eight games 5 wins 2 flat 1 negative record in the Champions League. Small cup group match in the first round 1-2 defeat to Monaco home court hemisphere concessions. The two teams encounter. Europe refers to 99 with an average of 3.11   3.27   2.34 arrows or disc guest Let flat half high water disc potential dangerous 1. William Hill. 3.20   3.20   2.40 up and down; 3.10:   3.25   Libo;; 2.45 = rise to guest wins compensate. Check lottery 31. 03 F Dortmund   VS Madrid   3 check 31 Dortmund [2] new season six Bundesliga and 5 wins and 1 losses, only the League lost 0-1 promoted Leipzig Red Bull was upset, the Champions League first round 6-0 away victory over Ed Salai Gia; Real Madrid [La Liga 1] seven and 5 successive wins 2 flat unbeaten, nearly in the Champions League two successive cup first round victory over Lisbon 2-1 home court. Track the Champions League six games against Dortmund 3 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, including 3 wins dominated home court. Europe refers to 99 with an average of 2.50   3.55   2.69 = equivalent disk main let deuce 0.75 ultra low water potential thermotaxis. Hill William 2.60 &n.相关的主题文章: