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An interview with people in Shaanxi called the county courthouse plaque hanging on its doorstep – So-4444.kk.com

An interview with people in Shaanxi called the county courthouse plaque hanging on its doorstep – Sohu news photos showed a plaque printed with "Liuba County People’s court" was placed in a residential home. @ rule of law chart 9 in the evening of February 23rd, Shaanxi City, Liuba province Hanzhoung County Si Qianhua will Liuba County Court plaque removed, placed in their own door, then call 110 alarm and return the plaque the next day. 25, Liuba county court office staff to surging news () confirmed that the plaque was picked away true. Si Qianhua said that he had not been punished for the matter. The 24 day at 0:34, Si Qianhua by saying micro-blog @ law own said, he released to the court by President handling petitions, avoidance, he huff, remove plaque suspended in front of their own home court. Si Qianhua posted a picture of the Liuba County courthouse plaque at his home in micro-blog, claiming that there were "rights defenders" in Liuba". 24 at night, Si Qianhua told the surging news, he went to the court of appeal, is to solve their own since 2011 and the Liuba County Court dispute as soon as possible, the court had promised him to see the treatment of a judge in his own case, but at the appointed time yet to see, "they That’s going too far.", then in the evening of 23 off court tablets. "They want to see what reaction". Si Qianhua said, after the event, he called 110, 24 morning, court staff and the police station director found him, expressed his willingness to communicate with him, continue to resolve disputes with the court, he returned the plaque. It said, he repeatedly due to rights and court conflict, was wounded in July 2014 the court staff and smashed court property was sentenced to a half years imprisonment, released just a month ago. Public information, as early as in 2014, Si Qianhua took over the Liuba County Court of the plaque, gave 36 salamander to Liuba county court, the judge let raise, attracted media attention. 25, Liuba county court office staff said, the court strongly condemns this extremist behavior, has reported to the relevant departments of the county committee, for retrieving the details of the plaque, it did not reply.

陕西一访民称遭推诿摘县法院牌匾挂自家门口-搜狐新闻 照片显示一块印有“留坝县人民法院”的牌匾被放置在一户居民家中。 @法治说法 图  2月23日晚9时,陕西省汉中市留坝县人司乾华将留坝县法院牌匾摘走,放在自家门口,后拨打110报警并于次日归还牌匾。25日,留坝县法院办公室工作人员向澎湃新闻()证实,牌匾被摘走属实。司乾华透露,自己并未因此事受到处罚。  24日0时34分,司乾华通过自己的微博@法治说法 称,自己刑满释放继续到法院上访,遭办案庭长回避,他一怒之下,摘掉法院牌匾暂挂自己家门口。司乾华在微博中贴出将留坝县法院牌匾放在自己家门口的照片,还自称“留坝有种维权人”。  24日夜里,司乾华告诉澎湃新闻,他到法院上访,是想尽快解决自己从2011年起与留坝县法院的纠纷,法院曾答应他见当年处理自己案子的法官,但到了约定时间迟迟没有见到,“他们欺人太甚”,遂在23日晚摘掉法院牌匾,“想看他们什么反应”。  司乾华透露,事后他拨打110报警,24日早上法院工作人员和派出所所长找到他,表示愿意与他沟通继续解决与法院的纠纷,他便归还了牌匾。其称,他多次因维权与法院冲突,曾因2014年7月打伤法院工作人员并砸坏法院财物被判处一年半有期徒刑,一个多月前刚获释。  公开资料显示,早在2014年,司乾华就摘过留坝县法院的牌匾,还送36条娃娃鱼到留坝县法院,让法官养着,引起媒体关注。  25日,留坝县法院办公室工作人员称,法院强烈谴责这种过激行为,已经汇报县委相关部门,对于取回牌匾的细节,其未回复。相关的主题文章: