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Amphetamine Salts-based Drug Effects The Negative And Positive-candle june

Health Adderall, an amphetamine salts-based drug, is a medication used in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Narcolepsy and weight loss problems. It can only be used and purchased with a doctor’s prescription. The effect of the medication to individuals with ADHD is a feeling of peace and better focus on learning. Many ADHD patients have learning problems due to inability to focus on one task for a period of time and severe impulsiveness in making decisions. Adderall inhibits appetite cravings and thus helps obese patients reduce weight. This drug helps narcoleptics, individuals who doze off even during daytime, be alert and enthusiastic for a long period of time. This drug is regarded as a stimulant drug. It signifies that it targets the human brain to produce substances that would enable one to have more focus, motivation and attention. For some reasons aside from those previously stated, the substance Adderall has been one of those frequently abused by many individuals specifically among teens. This drug is sometimes known as a "college crack" because college students use this drug to stimulate focus and memory retention in cramming for examinations. This specific substance has been purchased among those who like to social gathering and spend the night in night clubs and bars making this drug known as a party drug. The increased energy felt after consuming this drug, makes a lot of individuals addicted to this drug even if they are not given prescription to use it. The addiction of this medicine has reached alarming rates in the country. A survey was performed in several universities where many .petitive students are enrolled. It has been found out that almost 25% of those students use this medicine to achieve better performance in school. This medication has been sold illicitly among university students at a very affordable cost just like buying a cup of coffee. One impending issue is that this medication can be addictive and poses greater problems to those who take it without doctor’s prescription. When addiction happens, a need for treatment for an addiction with adderall should be done in order to prevent the adverse effects of this medication. What are the signs of addiction? How can one know that an individual is already an Adderall abuser? Symptoms of an addiction with adderall include drug tolerance, violence towards others just to use the medication, restlessness when unable to use the drug. Drug tolerance is a very .mon symptom of drug addiction. The standard dose taken no longer yields the same effect unless a bigger dosage is used. Addicts are also aggressive and are often uneasy when they’re not using the drug. They’d go to extreme ways even by faking signs or symptoms or even stealing just to take the medications. Therefore, it is reasonable that an information and awareness campaign must be implemented to stop the abuse and addiction of Adderall. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: