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Alleged violations of the law ridden large stock exchange curve expansion www.h4610.com

Alleged violations of lawsuits over the large expansion curve of alleged violations of lawsuits in the Wang Yang curve expansion in October last year, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference announced that the Ministry of Commerce has not approved any trading market in crude oil and refined oil trading, in July this year, due to the acceptance of a large number of commodities trading market and its member enterprises of crude oil refined oil wholesale, warehousing, sales business qualifications of information disclosure, the Ministry made a more clear answer on these matters, and will not have a crude oil and refined oil storage and sales business qualifications of the list of 137 companies to be announced, Dalian renewable resources China supply and marketing group under the Bats Exchange Inc (hereinafter referred to as "the big hand") impressively. In this regard, "Chinese business newspaper" reporter learned that, in the above documents issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the number of investors in the stock exchange to adults increased significantly, there are a number of up to hundreds of QQ group of activists, in this case, large exchange has opened a new Dalian renewable resource exchange and international commodity trading center (hereinafter referred to as the "international trade center"), and in August 30th held the opening ceremony. This reporter from the international commodity trading center investment than investment staff learned that the international commodity trading center transactions and trading mechanism with large exchange, but the exchange rights due to too many people, affecting the business, in this case, the international commodity trading center to reduce the investment threshold, and increase the leverage ratio at the same time, to increase the membership units incentives, hoping to quickly allow members and investors to join, but for the protection of investors is no more action. In addition, some investors also reflect this reporter, some members of the unit has recently ceased to do business. In this regard, the reporter to the Shanghai TV exchange, but the other party expressly refused to accept any form of interview. The mechanism of dispute according to the reporter, the big exchange is Chinese marketing group is a wholly owned subsidiary, is currently trading varieties including agricultural and sideline products, chemical products and metal products, and the large spot trading varieties have no difference, at present the controversial so big exchange also caused a large number of investors suffered losses of rights. Investors Mr. Li told reporters, the Xinjiang Urumqi, a business unit of employees, in April this year, the strange young women add it as a friend WeChat, since then, the strange woman is often in the circle of friends drying some crude oil spot delivery order profit. Met half a month later, Mr. Lee accidentally referred to the decline in the rate of return of the stock, the lack of good investment channels, the strange woman will provide its crude oil investment advice. The woman said to him "recently with the company’s operation of a few teachers, each have a profit, and by WeChat to send to Mr. Lee a few spot delivery single shots, each return to the million dollars from thousands of yuan. The woman Lee proposed through an online account opening form as soon as possible in their company, and promised "we guide the teacher very much, he followed the operation of insurance money loss", followed by a period of time, the woman every day to send to Mr. Lee on his spot相关的主题文章: