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Not to mention the electricity supplier Ali or slogan Ma Yun: the future of the aim of the new "five in one" Ma Yun yesterday, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors of Ma Yun in the "2016 Hangzhou · Yunxi Congress made a speech, the next 30 years is the human society turn the world upside down for 30 years, the term" electronic commerce "will be eliminated, the new" five a flat "could have a profound impact on the world. Physical retail electricity supplier was once hit, but when the electricity supplier dividend fade, there will be a new model of the new retail trend. Yesterday, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma Yunxi said at the Hangzhou conference, "electronic commerce" will soon be eliminated, replaced by data as a new energy, calculated as new technology, new retail, new finance, new manufacturing changes caused by the. Has been regarded as the electricity supplier business Alibaba once again adjusted its position. In Hangzhou Yunxi conference, Ma said that the next 30 years, the impact of the Internet on all walks of life will be more intense, although e-commerce is the harbinger of change, but also quickly become a new concept. "The electronic commerce the word may soon be eliminated, Ali began will no longer mention this statement" electronic commerce from next year, in his opinion, there are five new development concept will all influence the future, Ali will serve as a new resource to calculate data, as a new technology, leading the new retail, new manufacturing and new financial change. In his eyes, e-commerce is just a "ferry boat", the future, there will be five new development profound influence to all people. New retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy, Ma said, these five new will cause tremendous impact and impact on all walks of life, become the key to the success or failure of the future. Government investment in the future, we must also pay attention to the new five pass a flat". One level is to provide a fair business environment and competitive environment. "The future of the world is the competition of innovation, the competition of young people." Ma called on governments to develop innovative policies for the next 30 years, for young people under the age of 30 and below the small businesses of 30 people to develop a unique support policies. Market environment, pure electricity supplier companies will face enormous challenges. Ma seems that the impact of traditional industries is not e-commerce, but the internet. The Internet is a great technological revolution, e-commerce is to grasp and make good use of the Internet technology and ideas. Ali is not only to help buyers and sellers to move the transaction to the Internet, not only limited to do Internet advertising." Ma Yun said Ali to build the future of commercial infrastructure, including the trading market, payment, logistics, cloud computing and big data, and these elements can be endowed with businesses and enterprises. It is understood that the fiscal year 2016 retail trading platform Ali crossed the 3 trillion yuan mark, globalization, country, big data three cloud computing strategy has achieved substantive results, and further the formation of a large data base of electronic commerce, finance, logistics, cloud computing and other modern business infrastructure, and help small and medium enterprises partner, use the Internet to complete the comprehensive transformation of business. At the same time, Ali cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation projects three new plate rise, High German, Ali travel, nails, idle fish.相关的主题文章: