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After the woman riding the law of two traffic police abuse assault was sentenced to administrative d-3edyy

The woman riding after beating illegal administrative detention for 7 days – Beijing Yangzi Evening News on two traffic police abuse (Baoxia Hui Ming correspondent reporter Chen Yong) 28, Gaoyou police, the city riding a woman illegal, was stopped after blocking the public security organs in performing their duties, beating on the scene two police abuse. The adverse impact, the 27 day, the public security organs to give the woman 7 days of administrative detention punishment. In the afternoon, cried the woman was brought to the police rushed to the Yangzhou detention center, but it is too late. The 26 day, the two squadron of Police Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade in Gaoyou City, the city to carry out reasonable traffic order rectification action, the city is the gang at the traffic lights to carry out traffic order rectification of the traffic police, Jiang Wang Kang, saw a woman riding a electric car traveling in the vehicle lane, when it is stopped, ready for 20 yuan of economic sanctions according to law. But the woman is extremely arrogant, arrogant attitude, in a public occasion, export abusive police, at the time of more than and 40 minute, refused to accept the economic punishment, also called for "the money is not paid". At the scene, police restrained emotion, according to the law of the woman be neither humble nor pushy, vehicles were withheld treatment. In the traffic police temporarily detained the vehicle, did not expect the woman actually to police launched a whirlwind". She suddenly stretched out his right hand beating police wanjiang, was stopped; and the woman doesn’t seem to be on the spot gas, unplug the electric car keys, next to the traffic police at Wang Kang’s face, Wang Kang face blue bleeding. This is not the woman to kick the leg and other parts of Wanjiang, caused by different degrees of two police body soft tissue injury, resulting in a bad influence on society. After the incident, 110 and the district police station quickly involved in the incident investigation and evidence collection, according to the law to make the above punishment. According to the survey, the woman Lumou, aged 38, Gaoyou city people.相关的主题文章: