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After the car crash caused by gasoline tanker from locomotive embedded in 2 deaths kasey chase

After the car crash caused by gasoline tanker from locomotive embedded 2 people died in the original title: tanker trailer rear end fire on the two unfortunate death Chinese daily news (reporter Zhang Yunfei correspondent Yang Wangrui) November 12th morning, Dingbian County East ten road traffic accident, a semi-trailer rear end car carrying 29.3 tons of 97# gasoline tank the car, causing tanker fire instantly exploded, causing the semi-trailer cab two people died on the spot. 29.3 tons of gasoline tanker equipped with fire in November 12th at 5 in the morning of 02, Yulin city police fire brigade Dingbian squadron alarm, immediately dispatched a 16 ton tank fire, a held high jet fire and a foam liquid supply vehicle and 22 firefighters rushed to the scene disposal. At 5:16 in the morning, the fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene of the accident, the scene ablaze, can only see the flames, the air filled with a thick smell of gas, oil tanker and semi-trailer has been completely engulfed in flames. After a preliminary understanding that the semi-trailer tanker tanker collision caused by fire instantly, and produce a lot of smoke, resulting in a very limited range of sight, the specific circumstances can not see the. After asking the driver that alarm, tanker trucks equipped with 97# 29.3 tons of gasoline, because behind the trailer speed too fast, hit the tank car tail, resulting in tank fire instantly, two people were trapped inside the trailer. After that, fire officers and soldiers on the scene of the evacuation of the crowd, and to intercept the traffic. Rescue officers and soldiers were divided into three groups, two groups using water tank fire suppression foam, another group of a water gun fire fighting semi-trailer parts. 5:35, the fire was successfully extinguished semi-trailer, tanker is still burning. 5:42, the commander to deploy combat forces, after more than and 30 minutes of fighting, the fire was successfully extinguished. In order to prevent the occurrence of the tank and the tank again, repeatedly cooling and semi trailers. Semi trailer front tank tank tank after the fire was extinguished and found that the front half of the tank car tank, can not see the situation of the cab. Because not sure whether there are residual gasoline tank, a combatant commander ordered to the tank top, a water injection to the tank, so as not to move when the crane tank two fires occurred. Subsequently, the crane arrived at the scene of the accident. The 12 day at 11:52 in the morning, separation and tank semi-trailer, has found two charred bodies in the trailer head deformation in. Subsequently, Dingbian squadron will be handed over to the police department site for further processing. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: