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AFC Champions League final Preview East Asia for ten years to win nine to revenge Jeonbuk ain sports-christie stevens

AFC Champions League final Preview: East Asia for ten years to win nine to revenge Jeonbuk ein Sohu sports Beijing time in November 19th of 18, the 2016 season and Asian Champions League finals will start the first round for the. In the state of the World Cup Stadium, from South Korea Jeonbuk Hyundai team against the UAE Al Ain team. In the race on the slightly negative K League Jeonbuk Hyundai team can defend the glory of East Asia team, as the West District on behalf of Al Ain and could change the past ten years "the east wind prevails over the west wind" the harsh reality of an Asian Club level match ups will be staged. From January 27th 2016 season opened the curtain of the preliminaries, after nearly ten months of competition, AFC Champions League League has finally come to the final. The final will be between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Al ain. Al Ain way through into the final, means that the UAE team for two consecutive years will debut in the title race last season because of AFC Champions League, another branch of the United Arab Emirates team Al A Hurley reached the finals, but eventually the two round 0-1 defeat Guangzhou Heng brigade runner up, also make the East Asia team since the 2012 season has been four consecutive year trophy will be taken away. In fact, since the start of the 2006 season after the 10 season in the East Asian region AFC Champions League team won the championship 9 times, only the 2011 season is an exception, the Qatar National team coach Fossati of Uruguay led by Al Sadd defeated Jeonbuk won the final in the end. However, Jeonbuk Hyundai had won AFC Champions League stadium or the experience of the 2006 season two round they defeated Syria 3-2 al Cara for the first time, Maldini is currently the only one won the AFC Champions League title, that once they race in the final is the first home, the first leg of their 2-0 win for the final win for base. Envy is from South Korea before the club in the League (including AFC Champions League predecessor is the most winning Ya Jubei), a total of 10 times, 2 times ranked second in the Japanese club. As for Al Ain team, they are similar and Jeonbuk Hyundai, the same is their third appearance AFC Champions League League final 2002-03 season, their first leg home court 2-0, the second leg away 0-1, eventually defeated Thailand 2-1 in the Taylor Sasa cup. In the semi-final, in their own home court "hacked" Dalian Shide team is a sore point China football. The 2005 season Al Ain again in the final round of the last two AFC Champions League, but lost 3-5 to the Saudi al Ittihad team. It is particularly worth mentioning is that including this season, from the United Arab Emirates club a total of only 4 NBA Finals AFC Champions League, Al Ain accounted for 3, of which 2003 season is only one championship team of the United Arab emirates. In this AFC Champions League League, Jeonbuk Hyundai’s record of 6 wins 3 flat 3 negative, which show only 4 games zero closure, defensive performance can be said K league team is not too prominent, and the semi-final round 1-2 defeat Seoul FC let them AFC Champions League 7 league games unbeaten record is the end. In November 6th in the domestic league they draw to win cases)相关的主题文章: