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Absolutely life guard division Tong Zhang re to live up to the long march ZhuangGe – Anhui Channel – chompoo araya

"Absolutely life guard division" Tong Zhang re to live up to the long march: ZhuangGe – Anhui Channel – the spirit of the deceased martyrs people.com.cn to commemorate the 80 anniversary of victory of the long march Chinese Red Army key tribute drama "absolutely life" will guard division recently landed in CCTV prime time. "Absolutely life guard division" is about to more than 6000 in the majority of the children are the Fifth Army thirty-fourth division bear guard combat mission in March, a bloody fight, with faith and the spirit of sacrifice, the Central Red Army column behind to build a flesh and blood barrier, and the heroic troops for Chinese the final victory of the revolution to almost all the teachers "sacrifice, to vote in favor of the Communist Party of China with life and blood". Over the past more than and 80 years, "breaking the back" the crew generous tragic history to show in front of the audience. In October 13th, director Dong Yachun, Qian Linsen screenwriter, actor Tong Zhang, actor Li Qiang guest people.com.cn entertainment "star face" column, talk about this epic drama behind the scenes. This year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, now talking about the Long March, most people can tell some stories or some characters. Twenty-five thousand miles of the long journey, in fact, there are a lot of records do not have too much, it is also worth remembering. Recently the upcoming launch is a TV series "breaking back teacher" to tell such a history of the army thirty-four division of the Red Army hero heroic deeds. Tong Zhang is played by the hero’s army commander Chen Shuxiang, his utter devotion, leading the division fought to the end, his young life to the party. Tong Zhang said in an interview, through the shooting familiar with the hero, he admired. Although it is far apart, but I think there is a real gap between the living environment, the law of humanity is not much change. I can feel the precious spirit in him." Tong Zhang starred in "sword" in "Wei monk" corner was known to everyone, the epic drama "absolutely life back in division" alone, is not a small challenge for Tong Zhang, how to reproduce the combat hero heroic of acting Tong Zhang tests and training. And he said, "absolutely life guard division" than "sword" is the legendary drama of the war, some individual rich colors. In history, the thirty-four division is true. A fictional character from the habit of shaping, suddenly create a history of real heroes, really excited and uneasy. Hold a reverence slavishly to approach him. "Play is not good, sorry with the spirit of the deceased." Different from the previous Tong Zhang starred in the role, Chen Shuxiang is a poet of the teachers, he is not only good at fighting, more human feelings, and finally he died a heroic death scene, will bring people shock and moved. And the move has long been in the shooting, Tong Zhang deeply realized. "With the filming, I found that the revolutionary spirit I thought was only in the level of thinking, did not really feel. When I was really tearing up the coat to get close to him and feel him, (we call the "soul"), I basically wanted to cry every day." Tong Zhang said that during the three months of filming in Jiangxi, he had no idea why he wanted to cry. Until the end of the paralysis in the house.相关的主题文章: