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How does the design incorporates in the quality of Zocalo furniture? For over ten years, Zocalo Furniture manufacturer has provided cutting edge mixture of style, value, and quality that fits your lifestyle. Their immense knowledge of product and design continues to offer to you an exceptional furniture that is the latest style, yet approachable , sufficiently crafted and affordable. Zocalo Furniture Manufacturer is stationed in San Francisco area, and its designs are driven by the city�s internationally esteemed art, fashion and architecture, and the accelerating urban neighborhoods. We have just reached the tip of the iceberg, as the remainder of this article will help to further your understanding of this complex subject. Talented Zocalo designers meticulously examine each element of a new product before examples are perfected. In a long-term aesthetics to particular materials each piece must remain through hundreds of cultivation in order to make it into your home. Adopting the most conducive construction materials and blend them with an ingenious design techniques, Zocalo supplies you with excellent style, value, and quality. Quality Zocalo dignifies its� company in presenting to you excellent quality and craftsmanship. From dovetailed joinery and our unique hand-rubbed finishes, to exquisite hand-detailing and custom hardware, the manufacturer combines traditional artisan craftsmanship with high-end technologies to offer you gorgeous, everlasting expressions of elegance. You can own these particular styles and details in the Zocalo Bedroom Groups: Beds, Sleigh Beds, Armoires, Dressers, night stands and Chests. Construction Designers from Zocalo Company mix traditional artesian craftsmanship with cutting edge materials and design techniques, inventing pieces that are not only beautiful, but are also irrepressible to the everyday wear and tear of the today�s family�s use Several conditions of construction quality that one should come across in custome made furniture are appear in Zocalo products. These features include: – Kiln-dried woods to avoid splitting and warping – Dovetail construction for overall strength of the piece – Corner blocks on the underside of chairs and occasional tables for stability – Smooth, multi-step, finishes assuring a long-lasting wood patina – Wood-on-wood drawer glides or high quality three-stage ball bearing glides for smooth drawer operation Solids and Veneers Zocalo offers collections that feature solid hardwood construction and collections that apply high quality veneers with a combination of solid hardwoods. There are benefits to both techniques and the knowldgeble consumer can determine which better suits their needs. Those you can find especially in the Dining Room Selections: Dining tables and Dining chairs. Solid wood furniture offers several design possibilities not available with veneers. These are generally style points and their value depends on personal taste. sophisticated designs can be carved into solid wood to create one-of-kind characteristics and artistic details. The majority of people of misinformed that veneered furniture is inferior to solid wood furniture; however, veneers are often used by the finest furniture manufacturers, and can be more costly than solid wood. Veneers offer greater perservance and the chance of invent more incomparable patterns than some solid hardwoods. A solid hardwood Zocalo piece is constructed from plantation grown keen-dried hardwood. Plantation growing guarantee the customer that all wood used in the construction of Zocalo pieces was grown in a controlled area, exclusively for furniture manufacturing. No rainforests or natural groves are damaged in the construction of our furniture. Keen-drying involves heating raw wood in giant ovens to remove excess moisture. After moisture is removed, the raw wood can then be made into furniture with a much lower risk of splitting even in areas with varying climates. A Zocalo piece that applies veneers is constructed by incorporating a strong frame of solid hardwood with thin layers of wood chosen for their beauty that are bonded to plywood. The stable layer under the veneer is extremely enduring to climate changes. This prevents any warping and splitting that may occur when solid wood expands and contracts from humidity changes. 相关的主题文章: