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Business IR-250 DX thermal imager also known as IR 250 camera is a light weight thermal imagery system. Once you buy it, it comes with an open and use concept. All you have to do is charge the battery, select your target and shoot. It has got a LCD screen where you get a clear image after recording you can also play back to see the result. The look is pleasing and is ergonomic in design. It is designed to meet the needs of the US military from this we can understand that it can with stand the rough atmosphere and the rough handling. The Black Hot feature is a mode mostly used and which is very useful as the hotter areas look blacker and the cooler areas look whiter. It is very easy to use and because it is easy to use the training cost reduces and also the period of training decreases. The agents can be out in the field immediately with the device as you don’t have lot of learning to do. It has long range lens for military and surveillance applications. The device can also be fitted with FOV lenses for industrial and monitoring purposes. The detector type is Uncooled Ferro electric (320 * 240) BST. It can also be connected to a laptop with the help of the cord given. It has a thermo flash color vision software which converts the black and white images to flash color. Despite the current cost of FLIR systems, it is likely that purchasing and maintenance costs will continue to decline. The use of FLIR technology can allow for agencies to conduct certain operations with fewer personnel. Recording and submitting the evidence in the courtroom is also a very good way to utilize the device. The specifications are as follows: The detector type or the detector format is Uncooled FPA 320×240 resolution (DIGITAL DETECTOR) w/zoom. 75mm. Optional 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150 mm, and Dual field of view 50mm-150mm Gm lens. Utilized as a FLIR imager scope sight is the standard lens used. 7 to 14 microns (Long Wave) is the spectral response. 2400 ft (w/75mm Lens) 3000 ft w/2x is the range to detect a person. Rechargeable camcorder battery (6VDC) is given which consume < 3.5 watts. The weight of the device without battery is 2.6 pounds. It is designed for one hand operation, Tripod mount, and optional Gimbal aerial mount being the mounting provisions. It is water resistant. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: