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Aaron Yan formally enter the mainland TV debut cited concern Entertainment – Sohu-lm3886

Aaron Yan formally enter the mainland TV debut cited concern – Sohu entertainment Aaron Yan "a way to send flowers" stills Sohu entertainment news as Taiwan popular idol, Aaron Yan previously dubbed the idol singer title, and in recent years to the development of multi dwelling as an actor he frequently appear in the screen. With the deduction of gifts and their own efforts, in recent years, starring a number of Taiwan idol drama is double harvest ratings, reputation, and won the best actor award, etc. Therefore, Aaron Yan has also been described as "the first Taiwan idol drama ratings guarantee". With years of acting skills gradually by mainland audiences, and his first drama "the way of flowers both hands" has been fixing, Zhong Hanliang and Aaron Yan partner in the ratings guarantee the beauty of oxygen Jiang Shuying, as entrepreneur Lin Leqing daring Ganpin warm optimism, will once again to bring the audience a beautiful child heart love story. Many people think that Aaron Yan is entering the entertainment industry as a singer, but the fact is the start of Aaron Yan’s career is starred in the TV series "energy-saving", then starred in the "kiss" practical joke "ultimate class" and other TV dramas, only to the identity of the official debut of fahrenheit. As a representative of the Taiwan idol singer, Aaron Yan performed well in terms of television drama in recent years, starring two "love me" who played horns acclaimed, is by virtue of the won China Drama Awards Best Actor Award and the Seoul International Television Festival Asia Star Award at the beginning of this year, starring "after the brilliant rookie time" is the highest in the past three years many high ratings, several other starring Aaron Yan, the drama was translated into several languages, sold in more than and 30 countries, so proud of the results also let Aaron Yan to the mainland TV drama market is full of longing, hope can with their own efforts to get more audience "I was a singer, I am also an actor, I hope no matter where I can develop my talent in my field, we can get more recognition can also be listened to Comments and suggestions". Aaron Yan said. It is reported that the mainland’s first TV drama "Aaron Yan road" to send flowers by the green romantic novel of the same name, Aaron Yan plays a silent love actress for ten years in the play, to pay without asking for a lovestruck man, the play is expected in early 2017, Jiang Suwei regarded the Oriental TV broadcast, this will then cause the ratings frenzy.   相关的主题文章: