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A thousand bookhouses will be built in Jingan District’s re – upgrade Bookstore-ekdv-273

Jingan District station will be built to upgrade the house thousands of Libraries in Shanghai is no shortage of large bookstores, not lack of rich style of the house like the bell tower books, but to really let the monsoon Book garden, people can experience the fun of reading, the best way is to create a good side of the "last mile" library construction. Located in Changde Road Changping road 800 Show, is a modernized commercial Creative Industrial Park, in the park, a collection of a group of fashionable and energetic young white-collar. At lunch, often white-collar workers are holding a cup of coffee, came to the "public area between City bookstore" this piece is located in building 7, building 8, a good book, and had a leisurely and fulfilling time book. "Usually busy, want to charge yourself, but there is no time to run to the library. Since the building of a house, the corner time can also be used to read, comfortable and comfortable. This book house, which is highly praised by white-collar workers, has 2000 volumes of books. Relying on the resources of Jingan District library, there will be regular persons who update and circulate bibliographies regularly. This book established in the corner side "with extreme ease", who can refuse? In Jingan district Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Ma Jiabin, "Shanghai is no shortage of large bookstores, not lack of rich style of the house like the bell tower books, but to really let the monsoon Book garden, people can experience the pleasure of reading. The best way is to create a good side ‘last mile’ Library construction." In Jingan District, for office workers reading library such as "urban bookstore", can be seen in many business buildings. In addition to the building book house, there are also large and small "reading fields" which are scattered around the public, including the bookstore of the enterprise staff and the Bookhouse in the residential area. Although their collections are not as rich as the library, the existence of the book house provides a possibility for people to read anytime and anywhere. With a good soil of calligraphy, Jingan District takes a book as the path to repair his body and creates a "knowledge book project". The so-called "knowledge book project" is focused on building two big positions: Book houses and post stations. According to Ma Jiabin, Jingan District is currently planning the "thousand housing plan", and it is expected to set up thousands of bookstores at the grassroots level, including three forms: residential bookstore, building Bookstore and enterprise staff bookstore. The form of the grass-roots book house is not formal, but it can exist in the form of reading room, 24 hour reading room, mobile bookstore, worker’s room, building stereo service station and so on. Caojiadu Street reading Wanhang residential indoor, nearby residents are here to "kill" leisure time. There is a bookstore, books come from? How to revitalize the library resources? The reporter went to the streets Caojiadu reading Wanhang residential rooms, three shelves neatly stocked with every kind of books: Humanities, science, health, variety. These books have come from Caojiadu Street Library, some people from the donation. In the reading room, there is a small bookshelf, all of which are donated to the book house in personal name. "Often readers will bring books to us. After using the book resources in our bookstore, they will also leave some books of their own hands and donate them to the bookstore. Caojiadu Street Office Deputy Director Yao Yan told reporters, these books will be donated for circulation at various points, the formation of book floating point". The first book drifting point in Jingan District, with the expansion of the "drift point", is likely to flow into your hands at the moment. On the other hand, the street also handles "collectively borrowed" procedures for the book house, that is, a library card in the name of a residential area. The unit with the qualification of "collective lending" can enjoy the convenient service of a one-time large amount of books. And whether it is "Book drift point" or "collective loan", it will better enrich the book resources in the book house. If the book house is an expansion of the form of reading, then the post station is a platform to enrich the reading activities. Ma Jiabin said, "next step, Jingan District will set up the" 1+X know book post station ", that is, every street town has 1 comprehensive knowledge stations, and a number of professional knowledge posts are set up at the district level. It is reported that each know Book station has a clear area of activity, reading space, and a certain number of books and kinds of books. More importantly, the post will also have a work team that regularly organizes reading activities. "Book Association" is the original intention of the establishment of the post office. The bibliography in the bookstore provides support for reading hardware, but it is not enough to have enough resources. How to make more people participate in reading, exchanging ideas and sparks is also part of reading. Ma Jiabin said. It is understood that relying on the knowledge book Inn, each street (town) will set up a Book Club, and encourage citizens to establish different forms of reading group, carry out the classic reading, followed by years of reading and parent-child reading a series of reading activities, and held the most popular books, the most popular, the most beautiful book club library, reading Master appraisal activities, to create a good atmosphere of public reading. This year is the opening year of "know book project". Jingan District will clarify the standard of book house construction, train relevant personnel, and synchronously start the application of bookstore. From next year, the whole area will take 3 years to promote the "knowledge book project", set up the book station and perfect the basic book house. On this basis, to further promote the "educated" practice operation, gradually formed the features and highlights the formation of a copy, replicable experience. Study, study, child care, workplace… All the more education information Shanghai education field account > children entrance condition list 2016 the latest version of the Shanghai school district housing and household registration in Shanghai to school, the answer is in this! 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静安区再升级书屋驿站 将建上千个书屋上海不缺大型实体书店,也不缺像钟书阁、季风书园这样富有格调的书屋,但要真正让市民都能体验读书的乐趣,最好的方法是打造好身边“最后一公里”的书屋建设。位于常德路昌平路上的“800秀”,是一座现代化气息浓厚的商业创意产业园区,在这个园区内集合着一群时尚且充满活力的年轻白领。午休时,常有白领手捧一杯咖啡,来到“都市书坊”这片位于7号楼、8号楼之间的公共区域,取一本好书,与书香为伴度过一段悠闲充实的时光。“平时比较忙,想给自己充充电,却没有时间专门跑去泡图书馆。自从有了楼宇书屋,边角时间也能利用起来阅读了,贴心惬意。”这个令白领们赞不绝口的书屋,藏有2000册左右的图书,依托静安区图书馆馆藏资源,定期会有专人对书目进行更新与流通。这样建立在身边“唾手可得”的书香角落,又有谁能够拒绝呢?在静安区委宣传部副部长马嘉槟看来,“上海不缺大型实体书店,也不缺像钟书阁、季风书园这样富有格调的书屋,但要真正让市民都能体验读书的乐趣,最好的方法是打造好身边‘最后一公里’的书屋建设。”在静安区,像“都市书坊”这样专供上班族阅读的书屋,在很多商务楼宇中都能见到。除了楼宇书屋,还有包括企业职工书屋、居民区书屋这些散落在市民身边的大大小小的“阅读天地”。它们的馆藏虽不像图书馆那样丰富,但书屋的存在为人们随时随地阅读提供了一种可能。拥有良好的书香土壤,静安区以读书为修身路径,打造“知书工程”。所谓的“知书工程”,重点在于打造好两大阵地:书屋和驿站。据马嘉槟介绍,静安区目前正在筹划“千屋计划”,预计将在基层建立上千个书屋,包括居民区书屋、楼宇书屋和企业职工书屋三种形式。基层书屋形式不拘一格,可依托阅览室、24小时读书室、流动书屋、职工活动室、楼宇立体服务站等形式存在。曹家渡街道的万航居民区阅览室内,附近的居民正在这里“消磨”闲暇时光。有了书屋,书从哪里来?又如何盘活图书资源?记者来到了位于曹家渡街道的万航居民区阅览室,三个书架上整齐地摆放着各式各样的图书:人文、科学、健康,种类繁多。这些书目有的来自曹家渡街道图书馆,有的则来自于市民的捐赠。在阅览室里,有一个小型书架,里面全部都是以个人名义捐赠给书屋的图书。“经常会有读者携书而来,在使用了我们书屋内的图书资源后,也会主动留下一些自己手中的书,将其捐赠给书屋。”曹家渡街道办事处副主任姚嬿告诉记者,这些捐赠的图书也将在各个点进行流通,形成“图书漂流点”。静安区的第一个“图书漂流点”,随着“漂流点”的扩增,他人捐赠的书籍很可能此刻就流动到了你的手中。另一方面,街道还为书屋办理了“集体外借”手续,即以某个居民区的名义办理一张借书证。拥有“集体外借”资格的单位,可享受一次性大批量借书的便捷服务。而无论是“图书漂流点”还是“集体外借”,都将更好地丰富书屋内已有的图书资源。如果说书屋是对阅读形态的一种拓展,那么驿站则是丰富阅读活动的平台。马嘉槟表示,“下一步,静安区将建立起‘1+X知书驿站’,即每个街镇建立1个综合性知书驿站,由区级层面建立若干专业性知书驿站。”据悉,每个知书驿站都有明确的活动场地、阅读空间,并且配备一定数量和种类的书籍。更重要的是,驿站还会有工作团队定期组织读书活动。“以书会友是驿站成立的初衷,书屋中的书目提供的是对阅读硬件的支持,但有了资源还不够,如何让更多的人参与阅读、交流思想、碰撞火花,这本身也是读书的一部分。”马嘉槟说。据了解,依托知书驿站,每个街道(镇)都会成立一个书友会,同时鼓励市民自发建立不同形式的读书小组,常年开展经典阅读、跟着名家读、亲子阅读等一系列读书活动,并举行最具人气书单、最具人气书友会、最美书屋、读书达人等评比活动,以营造出良好的市民阅读氛围。今年是“知书工程”的开局之年,静安区将明确书屋建设的标准,并为相关人员开展培训,同时同步启动书屋申报工作。自明年起,全区将用3年的时间全面推进“知书工程”,建立知书驿站,完善基层书屋。在此基础上,进一步推进“知书达礼”实践行动的开展,逐渐形成特色、亮点,形成一套可复制、可推广的经验做法。 升学、留学、育儿、职场……更多教育资讯>>>大申教育 外地户口孩子在上海上学、中高考条件一览 2016最新版 上海学区房及户籍的所有问题,答案都在这! 上海各区县重点高中(市级实验性示范性高中)名单 2016年上海只招收第一志愿生的民办中小学 上海各区县公办小学及初中招生对口范围公布 转播到腾讯微博 在魔都上学扫 我就对啦~ 回复“幼升小”、“小升初”:获取入学攻略 回复“中考”、“高考”:了解最新资讯 扫描左侧二维码,关注大申教育微信:上海升学攻略相关的主题文章: