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A small amount of cotton began listing in Anhui area-winlinez

Xinmian listed on the release of Cotton Traders soon, a pressing matter of the moment! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! It is understood that the overall growth in Xinjiang is relatively good, is expected to yield will increase by 10%, the Yellow River region overall growth of the poor, is expected to yield slightly reduced flat; Yangtze River Basin is in the rain, the whole cotton growing worse than last year, is expected to yield decline. The individual area nucotn listed, the Yellow River River, Yangtze River valley cotton production into the sitting peach peak, are visible in southern Xinjiang area cotton boll, seed cotton picking cotton has been sporadic. According to the current situation of cotton growth, is expected to spend a lot of new will be listed in mid September, now the majority of cotton prices are still on the sidelines, planned in late September in the acquisition of the majority of the individual seed cotton in Xinjiang Akesu area purchase price 6.5 yuan per kilogram in sporadic. Cotton reserves round out the eighteenth week (August 29th -9 2) sales price of 13747 yuan tons (standard level), compared with August 1st prices down 881 yuan round tons, 6.02% adjustment; and the corresponding August 26th cotton reserves price (13270 yuan tons) compared to July 18th (the highest price of 15474 yuan per ton) down 2204 yuan per ton, down the rate reached 14.24%, the lowest closing price cut 2260 yuan per ton, down by 15.43%. In late August, two in the Xinjiang auction listing the price is down to 13400-13600 yuan per ton, down 1500 yuan compared to the mid to late 7 tons of cotton reserves; estate cotton 12800-13200 yuan per ton, compared with 7 months late fall 1200 yuan ton. The recent stock market has two characteristics: first, cotton reserves with 201516 year round out the cotton price difference to expand, at the end of August 3128 (strong 28cN tex and above, the fiber length is above 28mm and the mainland Library) hand picked cotton prices are still 14500 yuan tons, double 29 tons of cotton price 15000 yuan 1000 yuan, higher than that of cotton reserves, two tons; regardless of cotton reserves or 201516 year high and low quality and grade of the spot spreads widening, such as since mid August cotton reserves the highest and lowest on the price at 2000 yuan ton, while the market at high and low quality difference of 1500 cotton goods million tons. This time, lint spot continue to pressure drop. 29, a Shandong cotton, 25-29 cotton factory price in 13000-13800 yuan tons, in some areas fell 200-400 yuan per ton. From the survey, due to continuous decline of cotton spot deep, Zheng cotton CF1701 contract breaking 14000 yuan per ton, nearly CF1609 month contract only 13200-13400 million tons, so the early part of the participation of a large number of cotton reserves at the auction coexist Cotton Traders some "tragedy"! Based on the monthly sales cycle相关的主题文章: