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A reporter asked bigwigs talk innovation, artificial intelligence and Ding Lei, the Sohu of science www.dde8.com

A reporter asked: bigwigs talk innovation, artificial intelligence and Ding Lei, science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu Wen Fan Rong at the Third World Conference of the Internet digital economy on the special, seven Internet heavyweights including Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng, the founder of NetEase, chairman of the board and CEO Ding Lei, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group Yang Yuanqing millet, founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming, Alibaba chairman of China Entertainment strategy and Investment Committee Gu Yongqiang accepted the on-site media questions, they answered your own understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the future direction of the development of artificial intelligence. First, entrepreneurial innovation Lei Jun: entrepreneurial environment better than ten years ago, twenty years ago, when we do Kingsoft, there is no investment. But today’s entrepreneurs can be said to be a luxury business. Yang Yuanqing: did you forget that you got the investment? Lei Jun: haha, thanks to lenovo. Lei Jun: millet this year, there are two directions in innovation, one is a breakthrough in technology, more and more the same phone, we made a bold attempt, a full screen, MIX released after receiving rice welcome, to prove that innovation is about to. The two is the business model innovation, before our brand electricity supplier model, and now we are trying to line the retail store, after the pilot results let me very surprised, the cost of millet home is very close to the electricity supplier. Ma Yunxin retail theory I particularly agree that the future must be online and offline mode. Ma Huateng: in recent years, the Tencent’s strategic thinking more and more clear, we are social, games, digital content and WeChat to pay, there are some small breakthrough, other aspects of our more and more cooperation and friendly business ecosystem. Innovation must be the focus of all companies must have a breakthrough. Tencent has the advantage in the past, but also in the face of new trends, WeChat, we are also thinking about the next three years can do? Look back, innovation is not engaged in a sector, called innovation. But to the user’s awareness of the service into each product and design, do not let employees fall into the trap of KPI. In the process of rapid service users, users complain that it is your opportunity to innovate. Ding Lei: innovation is the theme of innovation in order to bring consumers surprise. NetEase has been in innovation, in addition to the game, we also do a lot of electricity providers try. We will continue to innovate in the future to bring us a better life. Ma Huateng do channels and distribution, we do content. I do a lot of innovation and breakthroughs in the contents of the space, such as the focus of their mobile phone feel, too heavy too light is not good, but I think the content of innovation in the user satisfaction accounted for at least 80%. We have been very focused on the game from the beginning of 09 years of innovation, we are the first to do the game, but then hit the bottleneck, is homogenization. We spend a lot of time exploring how to produce high quality games and find some ways and means. We do the Yin and Yang division, recently very hot, is entirely our own innovation, yin and Yang division IP is very old, but combined with our innovation and methods. I agree with what Ma Huateng says, not for innovation.相关的主题文章: